Chapter 28 - Stupid

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Now that the King siblings are safe in the safe house. I have brought my men over to their house along with James men to discuss and plan next moves. I have people at both headquarters looking through inventory, I have tech and IT guys searching the database for possible locations on Vadik and his whereabouts. I have people disguised as average people searching the streets for any signs of the Russians.

Before James left for the safe house he pulled me into a room, kissed me, and then put me in charge of our mafias and decided that until this war is over we are not two separate mafias but instead one whole mafia.

So now I am over seeing everything.

I just got off the phone with him. I told him everything that is going on and what not.

I hate him not being around. I cannot live without him. I think I love him. I know he doesn't reciprocate those feelings but I can't stop them. I wish I didn't love him. It would make mine and his life a lot easier because after we win this war our lives will go back to normal. I'll go back to my mafia and he will go back to his. Our lives will both become so busy and normal that we will rarely get to see one another again. I just know that I can't go back to that way of life.

"Boss come check this out." Enrico comes up to me. He shows me his laptop. It's surveillance of the night of the box. From the video it looks like three Russians climbing into Daisy's room with a contraption that sticks to the wall where you can easily climb up it without needing a window open. The video skips to ten minutes later. But this time only two out of the three men climb back out of the window.


"Have you gone through all the other cameras? Have you seen if he is still here?" I question Enrico. This is bad. If this person is still in the house two days later that means this person is most likely hiding in the crowds of our men.

"No the last we saw of this man he was climbing into the girls window. He hasn't left the house." Enrico answers me.

I abruptly stand up and start ordering orders at him. "Put this house on lockdown collect every single person's identity in this goddamn house and match it with our data base, get Dan to do the Italians aswell. Make sure no one leaves this fucking house. We have one of them in our grasp we just need to find him."

With that I leave the office that I have taken over. James made me make sure that his office was completely bolted up. I check every couple hours just to be sure. Now that I know we have a rat in our midst I go down to his office. While walking through the crowd of Italian and Spanish soldiers I bump into a man. He looks at me. He has this weird glimpse in his eyes. It makes me immediately suspicious. Could this guy be it?

"Watch where you're fucking going." I seethe.

He nods and goes to walk away.

"Hey!" I shout at him, my powerful and demanding voice booming through the room making everyone around me quiet. The soldier turns around with a look of annoyance on his face. "I am the Don, you treat me with respect. Now fucking apologize for getting in my way."

"No fucking way Dante." He says with a thick Russian accent. Immediately I pull my gun out and aim it at my head.

"Tsk tsk tsk, I think I've found our intruder. Boys get him." With that the men surrounding me all tackle him and hold him down. He mumbles something in Russian.

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