Chapter 16 - Past

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⚠️TW : SA and ABUSE⚠️

Before this chapter starts I just want to make a quick authors note. So I know in the description it didn't say anything about SA, but as I was writing the chapter I thought I could add it. I want to mention that it is nothing explicit and does not give major details. If you are uncomfortable reading this just skip to the end of the ⚠️⚠️ that way you can read the rest of the chapter.


I wake up from my nap and feel slightly better then I did when I fell asleep. I still have a massive headache and a stuffy nose but I don't feel as dizzy as before.

I hate getting sick.

I get sick a lot too. I'm shocked it hasn't happened sooner. I always have something wrong with me. Whether it's my body or it's my mind. I hate it. But I was practically tortured my whole life. I mean of course I would be dealing with the repercussions of that. It still never gets easier though.

My brothers haven't left me alone all day long. Not that I mind. After having no one my whole life nothing compares to the feeling of people caring for me. For the first time in my life, living with my brothers have shown me that I am worth the trouble and I deserve happiness.

These past few months have been the best of my life.

I still have bad days, most days are. But I have a support system and they always help me through it. I know that I am safe with them and I can trust them with anything. That's why I've been thinking of telling James my past. I don't think I can tell all of them because it would be a lot of pressure and it would probably be way too much. I want to tell James because he's the only one who has seen how bad my scars really are.

I was too sick yesterday to worry about him seeing my stomach. I know he did. I didn't even realize that he saw until he tensed, fear washed over me worried that he would look at me differently and hate me for the scars. But instead, he stayed up with me for the rest of the night trying to make me comfortable enough to sleep.

I think that alone reassures me that I can tell him my past.

When I first got here Henry told me that when I was ready to talk they would support me and still love me. I didn't believe him then because I still wasn't sure if I could trust them. But now I do. I trust them with everything.

So that leads me to where I am right now. Which is standing outside James's office trying to calm my nerves.

Come on Daisy you can do this. It's just James.

I knock on his door three times. I always knock three times. I hear a soft come in, he knows it's me because of my three knocks.

I walk in and he stands from his desk chair and crouches down to my height. He wears a concerned smile as he scans me over. Placing his hand on my forehead, he grunts clearly not liking the temperature. "How do you feel?" He whispers softly, as if talking louder would make my head hurt. It probably would.

"I'm feeling better, still nauseous though." I whisper back. He nods and wraps me in a hug. Picking me up He sways me back and forth like a baby. Although I am not a baby, the action is comforting and I find myself relaxing in his arms.

"What's wrong baby?" He asks me softly. I tense a bit, remembering why I came here. As if reading my thoughts he spoke again in a whisper. "I won't be mad, I promise." I shakily nod my head and unwrap my arms around his large frame. He sets me down and leads me to his couch. I look at him and he looks down at me with what I can tell now as love in his eyes.

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