Part II - Chapter 17

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I groan as I wake up from my peaceful sleep. Something doesn't feel right. Not taking any chances I leave my new room and speed walk to Daisy's. I bust her door open and when I look in I see my little sister shaking on her bed. Immediately rushing towards her I see that she is fighting a nightmare. Her eyes are still closed and her face is contorted in pain.

"No..." She mumbles in horror as she pushes the covers off of her. Her hands find her way to her healing bandaged stomach. She starts pushing and clawing at the bandage. I rush towards her body and pull her arms away from her wound.

"No Daisy, you need to wake up." I try to gently wake her up while holding her arms to my chest. She stirs a bit and then out of no where she stills. I breathe a sigh of relief seeing her finally resting. But then, as I am about to leave her room she shoots awake quickly sitting up.

I turn around and I hear her grunt. Rushing back over to her I see her clutching her stomach groaning as her eyes water. "You're okay." I soothe her while gently turning her onto her left side. She keeps tearing up as she looks at my face while I help her get comfortable. She then groans out of no where making me nervous. "Does your stomach hurt? What hurts baby?"

She continues to groan not answering me. I sigh and lift her shirt up a bit to make sure she isn't bleeding through her bandage. "I should get henry baby." I regretfully tell her. Although her wound isn't bleeding clearly she's in a lot of pain.

"No, I just... moved too fast." She sighs finally relaxing. I sigh as well.

"Bad dream?" I ask her hopping into her bed. I tuck her body into mine and twirl her hair. I know that she wont be able to fall asleep anytime soon so I will stay up with her until then. She nods and sighs. Her dogs sit at the edge of the bed staring at us.

"Want to talk about it?" I ask her. She hesitates but the nods.

"It was about the pit." I don't know what she's talking about, I mean I have an idea but who knows what she went through in Anthony's hell.


"Anthony sent me to New York, he-he told me to kill the second of the American mafia, I did and when I was done I went to our old home." She tells me. My heart clenches thinking about how she must've felt not seeing us at the only place she already called home. We should've stayed.

"He knew I was going to go so he waited until I got there. He taunted me and then I lost it. He shot my shoulder and then knocked me out. When I woke up I was in the pit."

I squeeze her trembling body kissing her forehead.

"What happened in the pit baby?"

"He starved me, for a week and a half. I thought I was going to die. I was- I was... never-mind." She stops herself from saying something. I hold onto her even tighter.

He was such a sick bastard, starving his kid, his blood. Thank fuck he's six feet under because I would not know what I would do if he's still alive.

"You don't have to tell me but, if you do I am all ears. You can tell me anything." I reassure her.

"I saw you." She whispers. Huh? She saw me? In the pit?

"You did?"

"You were the reason I got out of the pit." I'm left speechless. I was never there. She must've hallucinated me.

"What did I say?" I stroke her hair as she snuggles into me more. She then whimpers and I move away a bit. "What happened?"

"I just hit my leg on yours." She grunts. I sigh and then take the blankets off the two of us. I tell her to climb on my back.

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