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Two years later


I sit on the floor as I watch my brothers, father, and Dante who I now call papa, carry the boxes up to my new apartment. I wanted to help but like always them being their overprotective selves, made me sit back and let the 'big boys' handle it. Those words being Romans.

I turned eighteen a couple months ago. For my birthday they all surprised me with a trip to Costa Rica. That was the third trip they have taken me on in the past two years. We went to Hawaii a couple months after the wedding and then we went to Aspen where I learned how to ski.

Now, as the new school year rolls around I start my classes at NYU. I was accepted into their Arts program which I am majoring in and I am minoring in Literature. The past two years I have worked hard with school and miraculously caught up.

So now, I start uni in one week and am now setting up my off-campus apartment. Dad absolutely refused for me to be in a dorm because he was worried it wouldn't be safe enough. I don't really care though because at least I know that Dad and Papa live in the penthouse upstairs.

They both decided to follow me to New York just in case I need someone or if there is an emergency.

I also started therapy. I was unfortunately diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, social anxiety, ptsd, and separation anxiety. So when they told me they would be close by while I still get the experience of living on my own I felt relieved.

Bailey also got accepted into NYU and she's studying math and science. The complete opposite as me. But we decided to live together so it's not like I am living alone.

"Where do you want the bed Daisy?" Paps asks me while him and Noah assemble my bed. I move over to my room and see them waiting for my answer.

It's a small room that has a window looking out at the city beneath us. The walls are a simple white so I can decorate it however I want.

"Can you put it against the window so I can look outside at night?" They nod and move the bed to the spot of my choosing.

"Isn't this place a bit small Daise?" Noah questions looking around in concern. My room is big enough for a double bed, dresser, and a desk.

It is definitely big enough.

"Yup!" I answer walking away. I mosey over to the living room where I see Roman setting up the couch and Xander and Henry setting up our television stand. We finished the kitchen earlier.

"Hey guys can I help?" I question them. They all grunt in response giving me a big no. Xander especially.

He's been sour ever since him and Deja broke up. In theory they seemed great for eachother but they are both way too hot headed. They constantly got angry at eachother. They are still friends but I guess Xander is still upset.

Speaking of, Jade and Bailey are still going strong but Jade is currently in Mexico helping her sister run their mafia. Same as Matteo he's in France.

After Dad and Dante got married they ended up merging our mafias so now they are co-Dons of the Italian-Spanish mafia. I made it clear I want no part of it and they respected my wishes.

I already have a job back in Italy. Once I turned seventeen Noah taught me how to do tattoos. I have done a couple patch work tattoos on Matteo and Xander and they look so good. We decided that in the summer we will all go back home to Italy. I will work at the shop with Noah, and the others can do whatever they want. Most likely more work for the mafia.

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