Part II - Chapter 7

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I was pulling an all nighter at work trying to catch up on all the shit that had piled up the past week. When I got the call from Dante I started to panic a bit. That's why it took so long to answer.

The whole conversation was extremely painful and just hearing him say my name brought so many memories back.

As much as I don't want to see him I know that as his ally I need to help him with this war he is speaking of. He did with mine.

I am extremely nervous to see him again. I mean I was such an asshole to him. I really messed up. I would take him back instantly if I could but he deserves way better than a self destructive guy who is depressed and can not cope for the life of him.

The selfish part of me though is begging for him to take me back. I was so happy with him and for once in my life I felt like me. It all was perfect. Everything was in place.

I could never get back to that place with out Daisy though. Don't even get me started on my brothers. Xander and Roman are my biggest concerns. They are never home and they are both so unstable. Noah is practically killing him self and Henry is going to break soon.

I need to step up. I should've done that a long time ago.

Walking into our house I call out for all of the boys to come down. Only Noah and Henry come down. Henry looks like he's been baking and Noah looks like he just came from the gym.

"Dante needs help, I guess another war is brewing so Henry you are in charge here."

They nod at me. "Are we going too?" Noah asks.

"No Dante said just Malakai and I should come. He just wants the Dons I will keep you both updated," I turn around to leave but I know that I need to say one more thing to them. "I want to apologize for my behaviour the past two years. I'm back now, and once I come back from Spain we can try and fix things. We need to help each other. I am so sorry I didn't realize it sooner."

Henry just pulls me into a hug. "It's alright brother."

"Yeah man." Noah agrees.

"Make sure until I get back that Roman and Xander stay home."

They nod in acknowledgment before I leave for the private airport.


After four hours of flying in the air I finally reach Spain. Nerves settle in my stomach at the thought of seeing Dante again.

The last time I saw his face he looked heartbroken. It hurts so damn much thinking about how much I hurt him. Clearly the threat is important if he's calling me to his house and not the rest of the boys.

The driver that Dante sent out for me pulls into a beautiful Spanish mansion. The walls are white with the red roof, flowers, and gardens that surround the property.

It's very beautiful and it totally matches him. Not that penthouse back in the states.

I thank the driver before stepping out into the car.

Here goes nothing.

I knock on the door three times. Always three. It was Daisy's number. She always knocked or did anything in threes. Her birthday is also on the third. I guess even after her disappearance it still stuck with me.

Always threes.

The door peels open and Dante stands there looking beautiful as ever. He softly smiles at me. "Come in James." I nod my head unsure of what to say. "Somethings never change I guess." He chuckles to himself.

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