Part II - Chapter 3

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I line up my shot.

I pull the trigger.

And he's dead.

I quickly pack my stuff up and leave the buildings premises. If I'm caught I am absolutely, totally, screwed.

Not only would I be killed if I got caught but if Anthony wants to save me it'll only be so he can beat me to death instead.

I would rather be tortured to death by a stranger than the evil man back at the fortress.

He says my plane is picking me up tomorrow night and he said I could have some freedom once I finished the job. I thought it was weird but Anthony made it clear that no one is in New York anyways so he said that I could wander around.

Of course he has people following me and whatever but I'll take my chances.

It's currently about ten o'clock at night so I quickly drop my equipment off at my hotel room which is extremely nice, and then I head for the front desk.

The lady looks up at me and gives me a warm smile asking how she can help me.

"May you please call me a cab?" I politely ask her.

"Of course honey!" I smile at the endearment. It's the first one I've gotten in two years. It's the nicest thing anybody's said to me in two years.

I wait and finally a cab pulls up. "Where too young lady?" The sweet looking old man asks. I buckle my seatbelt and give him the address of the street we used to live on.

Over the past two years I've spent little to no interaction with anyone. I mean yeah I have my friends but I only get to actually speak with them at my training classes.

So, being out in freedom is nice. Even if it only lasts a few hours.

Anthony's plan was to take each mafias weakness. That's why he took the young kids. His plan was to brainwash them and turn them into his own little army. I've seen as he's dangled the Greeks seven year old boy by the hair, as his father the Don of the Greek mafia pleaded and begged.

Apparently during the mean time all of Anthony's soldiers were killing the Greeks. So, once Anthony heard that the guys people were all dead he slit the kids throat infront of the father and then killed the Don.

So yeah when I say he was evil I meant it.

His plan was to turn me into a ruthless killer who is his. Once I realized that was what he was trying to do I started acting the part. What he thinks is I am his pet, his assassin. But what he doesn't know is that under my murderous actions I am still the same girl who is just trying her best and would give you smiles all day long.

I won't allow him to change who I am. So yes I guess I can consider myself a badass but I like to believe I am a bad ass with a heart of gold.

James once told me to never let anyone dictate who I am as a person. I've taken that quite literally. I will never let Anthony change my heart. The day he does that is the day I die.

Because if I lose myself I'll lose it all.

Looking out the window I sigh as I see the familiar street coming up. "You can stop here Mr."

He stops and I hand him a twenty and a ten. He starts to shake his head. "Keep it." I tell him with a sweet smile. Not like I'm going to need it.

"Thank you dear. Have a nice night."

"You too Mr." I say as I leave the car. I wave and he waves back with a smile then drives away. I am left alone on the corner of my street.

Taking a deep breath my legs start walking. Ignoring my brain telling me to not go. I keep my breathing steady and walk fast to the estate.

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