Part II - Chapter 6

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"What do you want to know?" Matteo asks Dante. We are currently sat at his desk.

"Everything, from the moment you were taken too now." Dante replies.

They both look at me and I sigh. "You guys were gone, you were at the Russian base, about three hours after you left, the base got attacked. Anthony knew his way around because he was once boss. He knew where I was so he easily found me. Anthony drugged me and when I woke up I was in a cell." Dante listens intently, his gaze doesn't leave my face. He is fully business right now. Dante nods telling me to continue.

"He trained us, taught us how too fight and kill. He wanted us to be his little assassins. When we weren't training we were in our cells. That's really it. I went on missions to kill important people in the underground we all did. When we found out it was you who was our next target we created a plan so you could help us escape."

Dante nods and looks like he's thinking. "You said we? There are more of you?"

"A girl named Jade, a girl named Deja, Daisy, and myself were all taken by Anthony." Matteo says. "We are all from different mafias, we were their weaknesses."

Dante nods. "We need to get the Italians and the French together, we finally have insight on Anthony and his whereabouts."

My brothers. I gave him a big smile. So does Matteo.

Dante looks at us and our faces before chuckling. "Yes you will both see your brothers."

We both laugh and tackle Dante into a group hug. He hugs both of us back and kisses our foreheads.

"Thanks Dante." I smile up at him.

"You're free now, both of you are."



We had just showed Matteo to his room and now I am bringing Daisy to our balcony that overlooks the property.

Sitting down I just stare at her face. She looks a little older but she still has that baby look on her face. Her eyes shine a little less than back then but there still is this childish happy glimmer in there. She seems so relaxed.

"You've grown sweetheart." She looks at me hearing my voice. She softly chuckles.

"I guess I did," she said before looking down at her body. "Maybe not in the length department though."

"Please Daisy." I laugh. "Your brothers and I always knew you were going to stay that short."

Her eyes light up at the mention of her brothers. "When do you think I can see them? How are they doing? Has Roman matured a bit?" She asks at a million miles a minute.

I laugh at her ramble but then stop. I look at her with sympathy. "I don't know sweetheart." I sigh regretfully. We are technically still allies but we haven't needed to have a meeting in years. Not after we broke up.

"What do you mean?" She asks carefully.

I rub my forehead with my palm and drag it down my face in distress. How am I supposed to tell her that we broke up because of how her absence destroyed her brother.

"We broke up Daisy. I haven't spoken to James in almost two years."

Her eyes tear up. "No- what... why?" She asks heartbrokenly. She was our biggest supporter.

"James was too sad and too angry with himself. He pushed everyone away. Even me." I sadly tell her.

"Well now that I am back you guys can get married and have a bunch of dogs and cats and you can live happily with him and- and," she cuts herself off with a sob.

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