Chapter 33 - Fear

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Saying goodbye to Daisy was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Seeing her cry and the urgency in her hugs or the way she called out that she loved us right before we left made my heart burst.

I can tell the boys are the same.

They all stare straight forward.

We had to leave her, we need to fight alongside our soldiers and we need to be the ones to kill Vadik and Margaret.

"Boys," I break the silence. They all look at me. "We need to clear our heads, she's safe."

"What if she's not?" Rome asks.

I don't know what to say, I mean even I don't believe she's one hundred percent safe. "Than we hurry up with this and get back to her as soon as possible." They nod in response.

"Okay we all stay in a group, no separating, we are stronger together than we are apart. We have the lay out thanks to the spy shoot first ask questions later. That applies to all except Margaret. She deserves all the pain we can give her. Capture her and take out Vadik. The other groups of men are all covering the other quadrants of their headquarters, technically they have the advantage but don't let that get the best of you guys. We fight for Daisy, we fight for her lost childhood." Dante speaks.

"Let's go over roles quickly. Xander and Roman you are our snipers and best shots, be accurate for when we are trying to get in but once we are in don't waste too much time getting the perfect shot. Noah and Dante, you guys are our muscle take the close combat but please for the love of God be careful. Henry you are in charge of getting doors and other things open. I will help with all three."

"Yes sir." They all say at once.

"I'm going over the intercom to remind the rest of the soldiers the plan." Henry tells us before ordering on the intercom. "Groups one, two, and three all go to their quadrants silently taking all guards out and making it into the base as quietly as possible. There are four different armouries in each section, get to those first and take out anyone who gets in the way, once that's done start clearing the place of all people, drugs, anything. If seen take Vadik out but keep Margaret alive. She's ours."

"Yes Capo." All three groups acknowledge on the intercom.

We pull up to the stopping point and we suit up and hop out. I give each of my brothers a quick hug and a few words before I'm pulled away and lips are on mine. I kiss Dante back. He pulls away and puts his forehead on mine. "Everything will be alright."

I nod.

"Okay let's get going!" I shout to all the cars. We have our guns as we walk through the forest surrounding the base.

As we make it to the clearing Xander and Roman line up their shots and swiftly execute the four guards posted at the door.

We all sprint to the door and pull our guns out.

Walking through the place was interesting to say the least. I mean, the walls were made of stone and zero decor. At least ours is well designed.

As we sneak through the small corridor a Russian turns the corner. I quickly grab him and snap his neck. Silently and efficiently killing him. I grab his walkie and we all continue through the base.

Next thing we know four men turn the corner. Once they see us they reach for their guns but were too slow as Xander, Noah, Dante, and I all shoot them in the head. We have silencers on so it was another quick and quiet kill.

Only two more hallways to go before we get to their armoury. Pushing through we silently take out any people who get in our way.

As we reach the corner that goes towards the armoury we all stop and take a second to look at what we are up against.

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