Chapter 13 - Grocery Store

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"Daisy we have something to show you after breakfast." Noah tells me with a big smile on his face. Everyone has been very careful with me since I woke up from my nap with Henry earlier. They are treating me like I am made out of glass and will break any second.

When I woke up this morning I awoke with this knawing pit in my stomach. It felt like someone swallowed my stomach whole. My body was shaking from either my anxiety or that I was really cold. I wake up like this all the time but this morning it felt like dread. I don't really know how to picture what I felt all I know that something was wrong. So when Henry was hugging me and rubbing my back he had asked me if I was okay. I'm that moment it felt like all of my emotions from this morning doubled, so I let my tears spill. I shouldn't of because it sent me into an anxiety attack. I fell asleep soon after that on Henry. I hoped that when I would wake up I would feel better, however the nap didn't seem to help me.

So now here I am eating something that is called McDonalds trying my absolute hardest not to send myself into another attack. I think my brothers notice this aswell, hence why they are treating me like glass. I don't mind it though because it helps and it feels so good to know that they care and don't want to hurt me.

I still haven't gotten used to them caring. I know that they love me but love is such a foreign concept to me. I am trying though. I haven't opened up about my past yet because I am pretty sure they have an idea of it, but I also haven't because I am scared that I will be digging up everything that happened to me and not know how to function afterwards.

I will tell them when I am ready.

I just nod to Noah and give him a small smile in response. I am way too tired and anxious to even speak right now.

I finish up my McDonalds breakfast. It was pancakes and a hash brown. I am better when it comes to eating. I can now eat most of my meals! But one thing I know is that I prefer Henry's pancakes over these any day.

I shove my plate infront of Roman and he cluelessly eats my food. He does a double take at the half eaten food in his hand and back down at my plate. "Did I just eat your food?"

"Maybe... I was full and I didn't want it to go to waste!" I defend my actions.

He chuckles in response and picks me up off my chair, placing me in his lap for a hug. Ever since my brothers learned I actually love hugs that is all they do, hug me. I don't mind it though because I have never felt safer than in their arms. I actually embrace it. So I hug Rome back and rest my head on his chest.

"So Thanksgiving is tomorrow," Henry starts. All the boys groan even James. I just look at them funny. "And all of you eat like pigs, plus we have three extra guests to feed, so I want all of your help in preparing the food for tomorrow." The boys groan again. I just giggle. I will happily help Henry cook.

"I will help." I smile at Henry lifting my head off Romans chest.

"Thanks princess, I have a feeling these four won't be much help anyways." He gives them all pointed looks. Even James!

"If you want to eat tomorrow you have to help me and Henry." I order them and give them my best boss face.

They all coo at me like I am a baby. James then stands up and walks over to me. He takes me out of Romes arms and picks me up, again like a baby.

"When did you get so bossy?" He asks me smiling down brightly at me.

"Since you don't want to help Henry." I state seriously. He looks at me, and then kisses my forehead. He turns to the others who still have stupid smiles on their faces.

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