Chapter 26 - War

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It's been a week since Christmas and everything is going relatively well. Every night I sleep with one of my brothers and every night my dogs sleep near me as well. The nightmares come and go, same as the panic attacks. I've only had one panic attack since Christmas so I think I'm making some progress.

I talk with Bailey on text messages all the time and she asked if I had this app called snapchat. I told her no and asked my brothers if I could have it. At first they said no because it's dangerous or whatever but after some convincing James agreed only if I had the boys on it and Bailey only. Noah, Xander, and Roman all have snapchat so they created a group where we send funny photos of one another.

Also, Noah and I take Timmy and Beau on walks everyday. We take them on hikes in the woods. Beau doesn't really like the walks, he would rather sit at home with me or James. Timmy however loves the walks and is constantly taking his leash from Noah and holds it in his mouth like he's walking himself.

Beau on the other hand mopes back and occasionally sniffs the plants. I walk him because he is less likely to pull a runner. Timmy runs every chance he gets to try and catch a squirrel. He always ends up pulling Noah around with is a really funny sight.

Currently I am eating dinner with my brothers as they talk about sports and stuff. My dogs sit at my feet and I drop some food beside them every chance I get.

"Daisy stop feeding the dogs your food." James scolds me.

"I don't know what you are talking about bout James." I try and act clueless. He looks at me like 'are you serious?'

"Nothing gets past James baby, no point in playing dumb." Henry let's me know. I huff in response and look at the dogs.

"Sorry guys I tried." I whisper.

The boys chuckle.We sit in silence for a few minutes.

"What if they starve?" I ask them quickly.

"Trust me baby they won't." James tells me smiling shaking my head. I look worried at Timmy and Beau.

"They look hungry."

"Daisy!" Noah laughs.


Dinner finished and I was on my way to my room. I need to grab my new iPad because Roman is going to teach me how to play a game called Minecraft. My dogs follow me into the room.

When I walk in there is this smell. It's not the usual smell from my candle. It smells like death?

I walk further into the room. Anxiety and confusion flows through my veins as I spot a box on my bed.

On top of the box is a card that has my name on it and chicken scratch like writing.

I look around the room for any sign of someone being in here. My brothers all have really neat writing so it definitely isn't from them.

I see Timothy on high alert, same as Beau, but he's trying to comfort my anxious figure.

Grabbing the card I flip it around to see a message written on it.

Daisy, my little flower, we will have you one day, don't you worry my little flower.

Hope you like your Christmas gift! It's a beautiful red. Red always looked good on you...

- Margaret

I drop the card on the floor and start shaking as I walk towards the gift. No, they can't have me. Not again.

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