Chapter 22 - Missing

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I wake up and head downstairs like every morning. I notice two hot chocolate mugs on the counter and figured Roman probably made them and didn't clean up like usual. I cleaned up after him and then start work on my laptop.

Henry comes down shortly after starting breakfast. Daisy hasn't come down yet. An hour later she still isn't down which is weird. Then Roman and Noah come down arguing like normal about each other's intelligence. Still no Daisy.

"Roman clean up after yourself for fucks sake." I grunt as I leave my chair and head to Daisy's room. Maybe she's sick.

I knock three times. No answer.

I slowly creep into her dark room and head to her bed. But I don't see her. All I see are blankets thrown around and her phone on her bedside table.

I go to her bathroom and the light is off and the door is open. She's not here.

I instantly start panicking.

"DAISY!" I shout even though there is no point.

I leave the room and run to the art room hoping she's in there.

Nope. It's empty.

I run down to the sun room. Nothing.

Oh god, oh god, oh god.


I run to the kitchen in a panic. The boys look up from their current argument. I'm panting, my breaths are laboured and my eyes are wide and full of fear.

"Daisy's gone."

"What do you mean she's gone." Henry asked slowly walking towards me.

"She's gone! I looked in her room nothing, bathroom nothing, sun room nothing, art room nothing! She is gone." I rant terrified.

Not my girl.

"FUCK!" Noah shouts as the four of us scatter around the house calling her name.

I'm in a panic so I call the second person who can calm me down.

"Hey pretty boy."

"Daisy's gone Dante she is nowhere in the house. Oh god shes gone." I sob.

"Hey, hey darling we will find her alright I'm on my way right now. We will look for her."

"Hurry." I whisper as I hang up continuing my search. The front door opens five minutes later Dante runs in and pulls me into a hug.

"Everything will be alright. She's probably hiding."

"What if she's not Dante, what if they have her." I sob.

"Then we will deal with that when it comes to it." He hugs me.

"JAMES!" Roman shouts from upstairs. Noah and Henry appear and we all wait for Roman to come around. "Xander's gone too."

"Do you think they took him too?" I panic even more. My two youngest siblings.

"Maybe shes with Xander?" Dante suggests. I look at him and immediately dial his number.

It rings.

And rings.

And rings.

Then his voicemail.

"DAMN IT!" I yell into the phone. I call him again.


"Noah get all of our men out there looking, Henry up security, and Roman track Xander. I will keep calling his phone until he picks up. GO!" They all nod and run off to do their jobs.

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