Chapter 12 - Art Room

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It's four days until thanksgiving. Four days until Nona and Nono will be here. Everyone's been cleaning the house and starting to put up decorations for the day. On top of everything I just got word that Margaret has been anonymously bailed out of prison. It doesn't surprise me. It just creates more work and stress for me and my brothers, and if Daisy catches word that her mother is out of prison I can't even imagine how she will react.

See the thing is my mother was apart of the mafia before she met father. She is the leader of the Russian mafias cousin. She also married my father who was the leader of the Italian mafia. So, she most likely has friends and ties with the Russians.

I think about Daisy. She's doing better. Every morning Henry cleans and bandages her back. She's been talking more and asking questions. She still gets terrible nightmares where she ends up sleeping with one of us. But, she's happy. That's all that matters.

Speaking of.

"Morning sweetheart." I greet her walking into the kitchen.

"Mornin." She trembles, with a shaky voice.

I can tell something is wrong by her voice and face. Everyone has a different resting face. My resting face is unreadable. Xander's is anger. Noah's is bored and unbothered. Henry's is neutral and Romans is just always confused, almost like there is not a single thought that passes through his brain. But Daisy, she has a resting sad face. We read her through her eyes and body language not with her facial expressions. If we did we would always think she is sad.

Just looking at her I can tell she's tired. But something else is bothering her.

"Daisy what's wrong?"

"Somethings wrong." She states looking away from me.

"Do you know what's wrong?"

She shakes her head.

"Do you feel sick?"


I don't know what's wrong or what to do. So I get up and wrap her in a hug. She melts into my embrace.

Henry comes down seconds later. He grabs Daisy from my arms and lifts her up so she's his height. He gives her a huge hug kissing her cheek a million times.

"That was pretty rude you know." I squint at Henry. "What if I wasn't done hugging my baby?"

"You are." He says with finality in his tone.

"I'm going upstairs I'll see you two later." I huff, heading up to Noah's room.

"See ya."

"Bye-bye." Daisy says still in Henry's embrace.


I knock on the door. No answer. I knock again. No answer. I open the door and see a sight I wish to erase from my mind.

Noah doing the dirty with some random girl.


"REALLY?!" My fuming voice interrupts the two. They both look at me and stop what they were doing. The girl quickly gets up and runs to the bathroom butt ass naked. I cover my eyes feeling like I am invading her privacy.

I dont think I have ever been so pissed.

I have a stare down with a smirking Noah. Him and Xander are the ladies men of the family. Henry has a girlfriend that lives in Canada, she only comes down once a year and our family holidays. I don't know what Roman is up to and me? I don't have time for relationships and I was never really intrigued by any woman so I didn't bother.

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