Part II - Chapter 20

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For the past hour we've all been outside and they have been playing basketball while I make a dandelion crown.

After an incident that happened twenty minutes ago I have decided basketball is not my sport. The incident that left me a tad bit dizzy and lucky I didn't break my nose has me sitting on the sidelines.

Yes you probably guessed what happened. Noah had thrown the ball into the net but it hit the rim and bounced back directly at me. My stupid brain did not process what was happening so I didn't move out of the way fast enough.

I was fine and it didn't hurt that much but I decided for my face and Dads sanity's I would sit out a few rounds.

Matteo was worried and so was Noah and James, however my other three brothers had a good laugh at me. Now I am not speaking to them.


I do agree the situation was funny but still no need to laugh at me.

Anyways it's good too see my brothers and Matteo bonding over basketball. I don't think any of them actually dislike Matty. Speaking of, he looks over at me sitting on the grass next to a sunbathing Beau and Timmy. We make eye contact and I lift my flower crown up to show him what I am doing.

He looks happy when he sees me happy and then he turns back to the game catching a ball Xander threw at him, he then dunked? I don't know what it's called but he jumped up to the net and pushed it in.

I wanted to yell 'goal' but I refrained because it didn't feel like the right word.

In the time of the basketball to my face and right now I have made four flower crowns. One for Timmy, one for Beau, one for me, and one for Matty.

I see that they have ended the game and are all walking over to me.

"How's your head princess?" Henry crouches down infront of me checking my head all over. He makes me follow his fingers and do basic concussion protocol questions. When he says I'm alright he makes me drink water.

"No more basketball for you." Dad points a finger at me. I salute back and then the boys all leave claiming they have work or need to shower.

It's true they are all gross and sweaty.

Matty plops down infront of me and I pay no mind to him as I place one of the crowns on Timothys head and one on Beaus. They look so adorable I take a photo of the two of them on my phone.

"I think I want to work with dogs when I'm older." I tell Matty. "But I also want to do tattoos."

"I think you'd be great at both." He tells me making my heart feel good. I don't know why but every time I see him it feels like butterflies are in my stomach. I never really understood what that meant in all the books I read but now that Matty is here again I finally understand that feeling.

"What do you want to do?" I question him. He thinks for a minute before shrugging.

"Not sure." I nod and hand him his crown. He looks confused and I frustratedly sigh and plop it on his head.

I point to the dogs silently telling him to sit next to them before I take a photo of the three. I smile. It's so cute.

"What about yours?" He looks at the extra one. He picks it up and moves towards me. "Stay still." He mumbles as he tucks my hair behind my ears and flattens my flyaways. Looking concentrated as ever he gently places the crown on my head and looks back at me with a look I don't understand.

"Vous êtes belle." He mumbles. I barely hear him but from what I remember belle means beautiful. Maybe he was talking about the crown?

I don't know how I can be beautiful in his eyes seeing as he watched me literally almost get knocked out by a basketball half an hour ago.

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