Part II - Chapter 2

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Present Time


Staring at the ceiling while laying on my bed is something I've started doing every morning.

No more work in the kitchen, no more Henry cooking breakfast, no more Daisy.

I just can't seem to find it in me to do much the past two years. My daughter was taken from my own mafia base. Guilt, pain, and hatred is all I have felt since her kidnapping. The guilt gnaws my stomach and pain is the only thing I feel in my heart.

It doesn't help that the photo Henry took of us the morning she came to me asking about the rules is sitting directly beside my bed. My sweet girl is laying on my chest and my arms are wrapped firmly around her like someone would snatch her from me any second.

If only I did that two years ago.

She would still be here. We would've caught her up on school and she would've gone to high school. We would have had to deal with boyfriends or girlfriends of hers because really? If there was a competition for most likeable person on earth it'd be our Daisy. She would've had people all over her. Wanting to be her friend and I could already picture the amount of good panic she'd get at the thought that so many people liked her that much.

We would've been preparing her to go to whatever university or college she wanted to go to and all five of us would've followed her to wherever she would go so that she knew we always had her back. We would've celebrated Christmas's and birthdays. We would've travelled and went on family adventures. We would've gotten her more dogs. We would've given her the world she deserves. Knowing Anthony she is getting nothing of the sorts.

I can imagine her crying in her sleep for help and no one would be around. I picture her alone all day everyday. She sure as hell isn't getting hugs and Anthony is probably manipulating her into hating us. He is probably beating her black and blue and laughing while doing it.

Those thoughts are what keeps me up all night. The fact that she isn't sleeping a couple doors down safe and sound keeps me up. But it also motivates me to keep searching and to not give up on her.

I would give up everything in the world just too see her again even if it's for five minutes. I'd tell her to be strong and to stay true to who she is and to never ever let anyone dictate who she should be. She is her own damn person not a slave and that's what I fear the most.

That Anthony is using her to get his chores done and belittling her while doing it. He did the same to me.

Knocking comes from my door and I grumble a come in. Henry walks in with a tired look on his face. His hair is disheveled and he has bags under his eyes.

"We have to go to work James." He says to me. I look at him and we have a conversation with our eyes. My eyes tell him that I physically and mentally cannot move off this bed where the photo of Daisy and I sits.

"I know James but come on, if we ever want to find her we nee-" I cut him off.

"She's gone Henry, Anthony made sure of that. We won't ever get her back and if we do she will not be the same girl she was, she will not be her."

He sighs and drags his hand down his face as he moves towards me pulling my body off the bed. "You can think what you want to think James but unfortunately life goes on. If you ever want to save her from Anthony you need to get to work and start searching for her. She is out there and we will find her and you know that. So get dressed and come to work." He orders me. I look at him exhausted. We both do. I nod not wanting to pick a fight and hop into the shower. It's probably my first one in a couple days.

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