Chapter 3 - Anger

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My sister came back today and I don't know how to feel. I was only four when she was taken. I was heart broken. I got over it though and now I don't want her here. She is awkward and looks like she will just cause us trouble. There's a knock at my door. A second later Noah walks in.

"Get out" I growl at him refusing to meet his eyes.


"I said fucking get out before I beat your ass." I threaten him extremely irritated.

"I'd like to see you try. Why did you have to be such a dick to Daisy?" He questions me still standing at the door. I look up at him with a small glare.

"I wasn't."

"Yes you were, she's scared and confused. We need to gain her trust and we can't do that if you make her uncomfortable!" He exclaims getting frustrated.

"Mom probably raised some spoiled little brat and she's just acting innocent to get shit out of us." I say even though I know that what I said isn't the truth. Maybe I just don't want to believe it?

"You are a huge asshole." He scoffs.

"Right back at you."

"One day you will regret being rude to her. You will regret treating her like shit. And when you do realize your mistake you will regret it even more when she wants nothing to do with you." He finishes as he walks out.

If I let her in and she gets taken again I don't know how I will handle it. If I get close and she leaves again I can't even imagine how detrimental that would be for me. I'm not getting close to her.

Not again.



Waking up I panic a bit seeing the unfamiliar room. I must've slept for an hour or two because the sun has gone down a bit. I soon remember where I was. Who I now live with. I'm not sure how I feel about it. A knock from the door sounds through the room.

Get up Daisy, if you don't open it you'll get punished.

I quickly get up and open the door I see Henry there smiling down at me. "Dinners ready let's go meet everyone."

We head downstairs. It's a really nice house but it's not so big where I could get lost. As we get to the dining room I see the rest of the boys all sitting at the table. I have already caught all of their attention. There gaze on me makes me fidget a bit.

Stop staring. Please.

Someone pulls me forward and knocks me out of my mind. I jump away from the hand and my breathing picks up. They all watch with anger and sadness seeing my reaction.

Henry the one who touched my arm smiles down at me comfortingly before showing me where to sit. I take my seat next to Roman and beside James who's sat at the head of the table. Right across from me is none other than Xander. His intense gaze making me look down. Henry sits on the other end of the table and Noah sits next to Xander. He gives me a bright smile that eases my nerves quite a bit.

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