Part II - Chapter 29

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It's been two months since James and I have gotten engaged. We have set the date and it is coming up very soon.

Now we need to get the final preparations done. James and I had a long talk about the future. We talked about where we would live and ultimately decided to live with his brothers until Daisy is ready to move out.

I am one hundred percent fine with that. I wouldn't say I think of Daisy as my own but I do think of her as someone who I have taken on underneath my wing. It's funny because Henry brought it up to us the other day how James is her father figure and I am her mother figure.

I guess it's because I am more chill and clearly more feminine than anyone else in this house besides for her. I love this family so much. I would happily spend the rest of my life with them.

One of the things James does every morning is wake up Daisy. Today I am joining him to wake her. We have a busy day ahead of us and I know for a fact that this is normally a fifteen minute ordeal. James and the boys have an important errand to run so I am dragging Daisy along with me to get my own errands done.

James gives me a quick peck on the lips before quietly opening her door. She sleeps sprawled out on top of her bed with her dogs laying at the end. James goes over to where she is facing and gently wakes her up.

Daisy being the sweetest girl she is immediately opens her arms for a hug.

I want a hug.

"Get out of my way pretty boy." I push him away scooping Daisy into my arms. "Good morning principessa! We have things to do today." I clap my hands as I ease her up and out of the bed. James is softly chuckling at how I made a normal twenty minute deal less than two. She goes to her bathroom and I help James make her bed throwing her stuffies on top neatly.

We tell her we will meet her downstairs before we leave. As we are walking James slaps my ass which makes me gasp and look at him in disbelief.

"Gross." Xander walks past us rubbing his eyes. He wears his silk robe and he has a head band pulling his hair back. He has a paint on face mask and holds a coffee in his hands. Too top off his look, he is wearing bunny slippers.

"You look ridiculous." James laughs at him. I can't help but laugh along. The normal stuck up boy looking so relaxed and just calm is absolutely mind blowing.

"Oh he is so high." I whisper as we watch him almost trip over his own feet walking back into his room.

Looking at my fiancé we can't hold our laughs in anymore, so we laugh at him the whole way down to the kitchen.

"Did you see our brother?" James chuckles questioning the boys as soon as we enter. Noah scoffs.

"Yes he graced us with his presence this morning and his outfit was just classic."

"Why does Xander always steal my face masks?" Daisy questions plopping down next to Henry. He gives her a big hug before I interrupt.

"Daisy! We have things to do! Places to be! Come on! Chop chop!"

I get her out of the house and into the car where we then proceed to sing Doja Cat. James would kill me if he found out I was showing her this type of music, but to be fair I think it is quite empowering.

"My friend Estella made me a bracelet." She holds her wrist up showing off her new bracelet.

"That's beautiful sweetheart. Are you going to make her one now?" Daisy loves making bracelets or making art and gifting it to us. I actually have a bracelet she made me two years ago on my wrist right now. It's right next to my watch so whenever I look at it I am always reminded of the kid who has brightened my life.

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