Chapter 29 - Mafia

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Waking up from a panic attack is always hard. My head aches and my throat burns. My whole body feels exhausted like it has no oxygen.

That sight was absolutely haunting.

Marks head surrounded by his crimson red blood. The smell of death surrounding it. The look on his dead face. It's haunts me. It replays in mind every minute of everyday since I've seen him.

It's been three days. Three days since our lives flipped around. Three days since we went out in hiding.

The sun is slowly rising and I notice a sleeping Henry laying next to me. He looks so peaceful. It makes me wish I could sleep the way he does.

He rolls over and subconsciously pulls me in closer to his body securely making me feel better about my safety.

My brothers are my safe space, even when James yelled at me he never felt unsafe. I mean yes I was scared, but I knew better that he wouldn't hurt me. I know now that my reaction was only because of my past experiences.

They have been there for me the last couple months every time I needed them.

I've been thinking and I feel weak. I want to learn how to fight. Xander can promise me all the things he wants in the world but I don't think I am that naive anymore.

I know that Margaret will try anything to get her hands on me. On the 'brat' that ruined her life. Her child that she sent her boyfriends head too. She's not done torturing me. She will never be done torturing me.

So, I need to learn how to fight. Because I may be small and I might not be emotionally stable, but I want to have the chance to pull my weight and protect myself.

She's coming. Maybe not at this very moment, or tomorrow, or next week. But she is coming and when she does I want to be ready.

Henry stirs taking me out of my thoughts. He yawns and makes a weird pterodactyl noise as he stretches. I giggle at that.

His head snaps to me and a smile rises on his face. "Good morning Daisy, how are you feeling?" He says cupping my face.

"Better." I tell him honestly.

"Good, I am glad, I'm pretty sure most of the boys are up. Why don't we join them?" He suggests. I nod and he takes my hand as we slowly walk to the kitchen. Our bodies still waking up from our sleep.

When we turn the corner into the kitchen the boys all look up at me and I give them my signature smile. They all smile back looking relieved.

Roman runs to me and scoops me up into a hug. "The princess has a awaken."

"And the beast has trapped me." I respond back quickly.

Roman gasps and starts running with me in his arms. I'm caged in and trapped as he sprints away from the kitchen.

"Xander help me!" I shout while laughing.

"I'm coming to your rescue baby!" He responds before running after us effectively tackling Roman on the couch so know I am squished between two literal giants.

"Haha Daisy sandwich." Roman laughs.

"Geez how much do you guys weigh? Y'all are gonna break my ribs." I grunt trying to laugh but physically can't when a thousand pounds are crushing my lungs.

"Oh you drama queen" Xander responds to me. I huff. Hopefully James comes to my rescue.

"Xander! Roman! Get off your sister right now!" James orders. They huff annoyed before finally getting off of me. I roll off the couch.

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