Chapter 11 - Hike

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Last night I had another nightmare. It didn't wake the others which was good but I didn't want to be alone. So, I went to go see if I could sleep with one of my brothers. I saw Henry's light on so I knocked on his door hoping he would let me stay. He let me in of course so now here I am stuck under his arm. His arms are wrapped around me and practically half his weight is lying on me.

Just great.

"Henry." I whisper hoping to wake him up. It doesn't work the first time so I try a bit louder. "Henry!" Nothing.

An idea pops into my mind. I pinch his nose closed and cover his mouth so he can't breathe. Once he stirs a bit and I see his eyes flutter I let go and pretend to be sound asleep. He groans before I feel him look down at me.

"Wake up my princess!" He greets me in a way too cheery voice. I ignore him still pretending to be asleep.

"Oh no. Miss sleepyhead you're going to miss out on WAFFLES!" He whisper shouts in my ears. My eyes shoot open forgetting my plan.


"Yes waffles, let's go."

We get up and go down stairs to the kitchen where we know everyone meets in the mornings. James is sitting at the table doing his work on his laptop, sipping his bitter coffee just like every other morning.

"Morning!" I chirp while rubbing my tired eyes plopping down besides him.

"Morning baby." He smiles down at me opening his arms for a hug. Of course I jump at the opportunity of hugs so I immediately hug him back.

We follow our morning routine. I help Henry with breakfast until Noah comes down. Then, Noah teaches me an art lesson, today's was shading and highlights. Once Roman comes down we start eating. We save a portion for Xander because he's still sleeping and will be until late this afternoon.

"Daisy what would you rather do today? Go for a hike in the woods or take a drive around the city?" Noah questions me. He sits across from me with an excited glimmer in his eyes.

"Can we go for a hike?"

"You bet. Let's get ready."

We go our opposite ways. I go to my room and starting looking through my drawers. It is a cold day today so I decide on my red sweatpants and Xander's black hoodie. I put on the fluffy socks that Xander bought me a few days ago before pulling my hair back into a low ponytail.

Going downstairs I see Noah ready at the front door with my boots, puffer coat, and my hat in his hands. I put the boots on, then the coat. He helps me zip it up after putting my hat on my head.

We walk out of the house and leave the property hand in hand. There is a huge forest that I can see on the other side of the front gates. He leads me out of the fenced in property and into the little opening in the forest.

"What if we get lost?" I look up at him slightly worried. That would be terrible. At least I would have Noah to keep me safe.

"We won't, there is a trail about a kilometre ahead. This is just a shortcut. I walk this way all the time." I trust him so I just let him lead the way still grasping his hand in my tight hold.

It's really bright out but the sun is blocked by the clouds. The clouds cover the sky giving it a grey look. The trees have no leaves making it easy to see the open space ahead of us. The forest floor is dry and coated with brown crunchy leaves that have long fallen from the tall trees. I purposely try to crunch every single leaf in my path getting a chuckle out of Noah before he starts to follow my actions.

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