Part II - Chapter 8

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When we get inside James kept his strong grip on my hand. He wouldn't let go. Not that I minded. I accidentally let the whole 'Dad' thing slip out of my mouth. He didn't seem angry though. I think I'll call him it every once in a while but I will most likely stick to James.

"James and Daisy, Dante made us dinner, we can talk while eating." Matteo calls out to the both of us. I squeeze James hand and we both walk into Dante's dining room.

Sitting down I notice that we each have a massive steak on all of our plates. I look up at Matteo and he seems a little overwhelmed at the portion size as well.

"Don't worry kids, eat what you can." Dante says before we dig in. James leans over to me.

"When was the last time you ate?" He whispers. I look back at him and give him my sad eyes.

"Dante made us breakfast this morning but other than that a few days or so." His eyes flash to anger, so does Malakai. Dante looks sad and Matteo continues eating too hungry to care about what was going on.

The table is silent for a couple of minutes before Dante cuts through the tension. "Daisy, Matteo, we need you two to tell us everything. Where you were. What you did. Everything. If we want to get your other friends we need to know everything."

The three all look at us. I give Matteo pleading eyes as he gives them back. Neither of us want to talk.

"Daisy please." James whispers grabbing my hand. I look up at the other three and they all give me encouraging smiles. I give Matteo a small glare to which he winks back at.

Stupid boy.

"Anthony had us on this island somewhere along the Philippines, the island was like a fortress. There was no way to escape. He kept us in cells with a cot and a toilet. He let us shower once a week. His guards gave us this slosh like food. It was so gross I couldn't even tell you what it was... Matt you speak I dont wanna anymore." I grumble out. I hate the attention.

He rolls his eyes at me as the three men turn towards him. "Thanks Daise," when Matteo gave me that nickname James tensed. I look at him confused but he seems to be glaring holes in Mattys head.


I kick James under the table making him look at me. When he meets my eyes he looks angry but they soften at my confused ones. He quietly scoffs before pulling me into his side protectively. "Anthony took two other mafia kids. One is a girl named Jade from the Mexican mafia. She is nineteen years old. The other girl is Deja. She was there long before the rest of us. She's twenty one. Her attitude gets her in trouble a lot. Daisy and I were the youngest out of the four of us."

I scoff at that. Her and Xander are like the exact same person. They should totally meet.

"What do you mean by trouble?" Malakai asks him.

"There are a bunch of punishments. They range from severity like for example Deja loses her temper quite a bit and she will talk back. Normally it's a beating but sometimes it's taking away privileges like showers or food. If we mess up on a mission though and or upset him enough he would do way worse." I pause taking in a deep breath.

"What were the worse punishments Daisy?" James asks me. I give Matteo panicked eyes and he gives me reassuring ones back.

"Well about a month and a half ago he sent me on a mission too New York City, I had to take the American mafias second out. I did but I had time so I decided to go visit the house. I guess he figured I'd go there because he-he met me there while I was staring at the empty plot of land. He was saying stuff and I lost it and yelled at him. He beat me a bit before shooting me in the shoulder. When I woke up I was in the pit. He starved me for that week and a half and I wasn't allowed to leave. I hallucinated pretty bad." While repeating the story I kept my head down but when I looked up I saw Dante's, Malakai's, and James horrified faces.

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