Part II - Chapter 4

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"I hope you learned your lesson doll." He smiles at me. I look back at him with my dead eyes. I nod my head and let it hang. I am so tired.

"I have a new mission for you that will take place in a month you will be accompanied by one of the other 3 fighters. I want you training and working hard," he stands up and circles my chair before holding my neck in a threatening way. "You know what will happen if you don't." He then makes the motion of shooting himself with his fingers. But he isn't talking about killing me. He is talking about killing my brothers.

A year ago I refused against him and in a minute he had Romans location and a sniper ready to shoot him.

That day I really realized who I was truely dealing with.

I nod my head again acknowledging him. "Go on then."

I stumble out of the office, get re-cuffed and then dragged through the cells.

I look at Jade, Deja, and Matteo as I walk by. They look at me with knowing eyes.

The guards throw me into the cell and then food comes not more than a minute later. I stuff down the horrid food before laying down on my cot.


I land a punch on Jades cheek. She strikes back but I quickly dodge it and throw her to the ground. I back away before running back towards her helping her up. "I am so sorry, I didn't hurt you did I?" I ask quickly. I hope she isn't hurt.

She chuckles at my panicked state. "I'm fine Daise. You are the sweetest little thing!" She says condescendingly. I grumble.

"We are basically the same age Jay."

"No, I am older by almost 3 years actually. You are our little baby" I huff.

"Fine fine whatever."

"Let's go see what the other two are up too." She drags me towards Matteo and Deja.

"Saw you get put on your ass there Jade, Daisy good job." Deja remarks. I pretend to curtsy. Jade huffs and plops down next to Matteo. I sit next to Deja.

"How are you feeling Daisy?" Matteo asks me worry in his tone of voice. It's been a week since the hole and I am slowly gaining my strength back. Ever since I've got here it's been hard for me to gain my weight back. I mean I can loose weight really easily, but I can't seem to gain it back. The constant training and the crappy food probably has something to do with it.

"Really tired and nauseous. I need to get out of here." I rub my eyes and pull my knees into my chest. Deja lets out a breathy laugh.

"Wouldn't we all." Matteo shakes his head at her comment and looks back to me.

"The nausea is probably just your stomach adjusting to the food again. You were down there for like a week and a half." I nod my head at that.

"I visited my old house while I was in NYC." I sigh. That gets their attention.

"Did you see them?

"Is that why you were in the pit?"

"Were they there?"

They all ask at once.

"No they weren't there neither was the house. It was burnt down. Anthony told me that they moved away to somewhere he didn't mention probably Italy. I was in the pit because Anthony came by and I finally lost my shit on him. In return I got shot." I tell them upset as I point to my shoulder.

"What a prick." Jade grumbles.

"We need to get out of here guys." I look to them. "He's getting anxious and he's become more urgent with these missions. Apparently one of you guys are coming with me on a mission in two weeks?"

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