Chapter 5 - Breakfast

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I make my way downstairs for my morning coffee just like every other morning, but today's different. The lights aren't on and no one is in the kitchen. It's only eight in the morning.

James and I are the only early risers in this house. The rest are not, Noah doesn't wake until ten, Roman wakes around an hour later, and Xander he wakes anytime from twelve to three. I'm not quite sure about Daisy though.

Normally I walk down and see James on his laptop doing work at the counter sipping his morning coffee. If he left he would've let me know so I decide to go looking for him. This isn't like him to not be in the kitchen in the morning.

I first check his office.


I go to his room. If he's sleeping still it probably means he's sick and if he's sick I have to take over the Mafia for the day. If I do that it means less time with Daisy. Which I do not want to do.

I just want to hug and cuddle her all day. I will, one day.

I make it to his room and open the door slightly since if he is asleep I wouldn't want to wake him.

The sight brings an instant smile to my face. I pull out my phone and take a photo of the adorable sight in front of me.

There he is snuggling with our sister. I'm not going to lie, I am totally jealous but what can I do?

If I'm not the next person to get a hug I'm sueing.

I decide to leave and prepare a big breakfast for all the sleeping slobs and my sleepy princess.


James and Daisy came down about an hour later. I can tell that she is still nervous around us maybe not as much as yesterday but she is still fearful. Hopefully today hanging out with me and Roman will be good for her.

"Hey sleepyheads!" I greet them holding my spatula.



"Daise we still up for today?" I question her. I wouldn't want to go if she doesn't. She hesitantly nods. Poor thing.

"I'm just making breakfast for when the others get down. Want to help?" She nods.

"Okay can you make the waffle mix?"

"What's waffles?"

My heart breaks.

"Do you know what a pancake is?"

She shakes her head.

"Okay well basically it's a breakfast food that people put toppings on. I don't know how to explain it." How the hell do you explain waffles to somebody who's never seen them before?

She walks over to me and I show her how to make and stir the mix. We spend the next hour making breakfast together while James does his work on the laptop.



I wake up at around ten my usual time. I shower get dressed and head to my sisters room to check on her.

My heart drops to the floor when I see her bed is empty. I quickly sprint down the stairs straight to the kitchen where I know everyone goes. I first see James.

"JAMES!" He looks up at me with his eye brow raised.

"Daisy she's not in her room." I quickly explain. He gives me a look nodding his head to the left. I turn in that direction seeing my brother with an apron on and right beside him I see my little sister covered in flour.

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