Chapter 6 - Panic

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After I am dressed I go downstairs to meet Henry and Roman. I sit in the living room until they both come down along with James and Noah. Still no Xander though. Where is he? Is he avoiding me? What did I do wrong?

"Okay bye baby. I love you and have fun." James opens his arms and I step into the hug.

"Bye sweetheart! Boys if something happens you two," he says pointing at them then makes the motion of a knife cutting his neck. "Are. Toast."

I giggle. I like toast.

They hear my giggle and I see as all of their eyes soften. Why are they staring at me.

After a while we get into another fancy looking car. They sit in the front and I'm in the back. During the ride I take in my surroundings because this is the first time I have ever left the house.

Anxiety starts setting in about the mall. What if I get lost? What if someone takes me or judge me? I'm not all that to look at but still, people have a thing for hating me.

They pull into the mall parking lot and I just know that I can't do this. All of the cars and the people outside walking in I know that I can't do this.

I don't want to go.

Roman opens my door and offers his hand. He helps me out of the car. Gently he takes my hand starting yo walk towards the entrance. My hand hand starts trembling and when he feels it he gives my hand a squeeze. "Everything will be alright." He reassures me.

I nod, Henry is on the other side of me but I still feel unprotected. Too many people I don't know. As we walk I start losing my senses. At first I can't hear. Everything sounds muffled which only increases my panic. My heart is beating a million miles a minute and I feel bile coming up my throat. My heart feels like it's being squeezed and all the air is knocked out of my lungs as we walk through the doors. I look around and see hundreds of people. I can't do this, I can't do this, I can't do this.

The last thing I feel is my body being picked up. I pass out hearing muffled panicked voices from my brothers.



I notice Daisy was nervous in the car so I offered her my hand when we got there. We walked hand in hand with Henry on the other side of her.

Something was off though.

The closer we got the more her hand gripped mine. I didn't think anything of it besides for nerves because I was too busy looking out for cars.

Or enemies.

But once we entered the mall, I noticed her laboured breathing. I looked down to see her panicking. She kept repeating over and over again that she couldn't do this. I looked at Henry who was staring at her with panic all over his own face.

She gets pretty pale and looks like she is going to pass out so he quickly reaches for her and picks her up. She passes out in his arms and we take off running to the car.

He passes me the keys as he gets in the backseat. I start driving the way home. All I can feel is panic and guilt.

I should've noticed sooner.



I now have an unconscious Daisy in my arms. She's breathing and her heart rate has dropped to a somewhat normal pace since I picked her up.

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