Part II - Chapter 24

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Daisy sat in the back seat while Dante sat up front with me. I have my hand resting on his thigh and I have Daisy's soft music playing through the speakers.

I plan on taking them too more of a touristy area in Catania. I love this part of the country, this is where my family is from. Sicily is my home. My only concern though is the active volcano close by. It's not really a danger for us but still I would prefer to not worry about Mount Etna erupting. Maybe it's just the father in me.

We are a good distance away and only from a certain angle from our house can we see the massive mountain.

It's really beautiful though. That's one of the reasons I picked our home. The stunning views out each of the windows.

Now as we are driving closer into the city which is near the water the mountain keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Looking back into the rear view mirror I check on Daisy. She is curled up and is cuddling both her dogs. A frown makes it's way on my face as I see the sad look in her eyes.

Whatever she dreamt about must've been bad considering she's never really been like this after a nightmare.

I pull up to some underground parking place and head over to the private section. No way is my car getting damaged.

I squeeze my fiancé's thigh one more time before hopping out of the car. I go over to her door and open it for her. "Come on let's go explore, yeah?" I reach in and pull her out. The dogs follow close behind and Dante leashes them up.

Daisy wordlessly grabs Beaus leash and Dante keeps Timmys. I lock the car up and with one hand I am holding Dante's and with my other arm around Daisy's back in a protective manor.

Dante and I just talk and when we see our restaurant come up I pull both my people into the building. The hostess was about to complain about the dogs but upon seeing me she visibly tensed.

"Table in the private section Mr. King?" Her nervous squeaky voice cuts through the air. I nod and she leads us to the private area.

The restaurant has a very old century look to it. There are old paintings and tons of natural light. The pillars in the place are massive and hundreds of years old. Of course everything is up to date for people's safety and whatnot but this is a very old building that Henry and I bought years ago. We however recently turned it into a restaurant. Probably only a year ago.

I like the aspect of own companies and businesses and Henry likes to cook. So now we have a restaurant.

Sitting down on a large balcony that looks over at the mountain the waiter hands us the menus and leaves us to it. Dante and I are sitting next to each other and Daisy is across from us.

She stares at the mountain with curiosity but remaining silent. The dogs sit at her feet and when she turns to look at us she has a small smile.

It's a nice day, the sun isn't too bright and there is a nice breeze.

"Is this your restaurant?" Dante breaks through the peaceful silence. This gets Daisy's attention.

"Yes, we bought the property years ago but didn't do much with it until last year."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Daisy asks with a small smile looking at everything around her.

"I wanted to take you out and show you myself." I smile back and that just makes her eyes light up more. The waiter comes and asks for our drinks so I order red wine, Dante orders the same, and I order an ice tea for Daisy.

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