Chapter 2 - Brothers

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I slowly blink my eyes open, the blinding white lights making my whole face scrunch up in complete discomfort. Something is beeping, it's rhythm sounding like ba-boom, ba-boom. I carefully blink my eyes open this time they stay open as I take in my unfamiliar surroundings. The walls are white and I am in a bed with white rails. It is by far the brightest room I have ever been in, it's so bright that a headache comes on and it only gets worse every second my eyes stay wide.

As reality kicks in, dread overwhelms my whole being, my lungs are empty and it seems that no air is present in the unknown room I am in. What happened? I don't know where I am. They are going to be so angry. They will kill me. I need to get home. I need to get home. Oh my god, I need to go home.

I jolt upright, yanking all of the strings out of my skin. The beeping stops but is followed by a loud ringing alarm. I can't breathe! I need to go home. They are going to be so mad at me! Oh no, they are going to kill me! I should've refused the peoples help. Why didn't I refuse their help? They will kill me and I won't get to read Charlotte's Web ever again!

A woman rushes into the room looking about as frantic as I am. She reaches out to me but I jerk away from her touch. Finally getting myself free I jump out of bed. She rounds the corner trapping me between the bathroom and her. I almost don't notice the tears streaming down my face.

"Daisy, sweetheart, you do not have to be afraid. You're safe now. You are in the hospital. My name is Katie, you can call me Katie or Kate. You are safe." The woman—Katie, tries to reassure me. But I am unreachable.

"Please Miss, I need to go home! You don't understand!"

"They are gone Daisy. You are safe." She takes a step forward, her arms up trying to seem less intimidating. I take a step back, closer to the bathroom. "Your brothers are coming here to see you!"

My eyes widen and I take another step back. "I don't have a brother. Please let me go home," I beg.

"You do Daisy, your older brother James is coming to see you."

"I don't have a brother." I repeat. My cries turning into choking sobs.

"You do, you actually have five brothers!" She smiles really bright, so bright that it gives me mixed feelings. She doesn't seem bad. She is slowly walking towards and this time I don't move back.

"Five?" Too many boys. What if they are like my parents?What if they hurt me more?

"Yeah," she says softly, close enough now that she kneels on the ground in front of me. "I promise you Daisy, they are very nice boys. I have met two of them. They are talking to your doctor right now. They are so so so excited to see you!" She tries to reassure me, so I nod letting her know I heard her.

She smiles at me and slowly leads me back to the bed. She helps me up, quietly humming a tune that soothes my cries. Katie carefully and slowly brushes my hair back and wipes the tears off of my cheeks.

A knock cuts her quiet tunes off. She calls the person in. I can almost hear my heartbeat as two tall men enter the room closing the door behind them. One of them has a stone cold expression that softens as soon as his eyes land on my tearful face. He holds himself in a way that radiates power and respect. If his eyes weren't teary I would have ran to the bathroom by now.

The other man, seems softer. He looks calm and thrilled to see me, but his eyes look sad. His blond hair and blue eyes contrast quite beautifully against the powerful man's brown hair and brown eyes.

"Daisy, sweetheart, these are your brothers that we were talking about." Katie calmly explains, breaking the silence that spread throughout the room.

"Hey Daisy," the blond man approaches my bed. "My name is Henry. I am your second oldest brother. It's so nice to see you again" Henry speaks to be slowly and patiently holding eye contact with me. He has a soft voice that calms me down.

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