Chapter 2 - Brothers

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Waking up I am in an unfamiliar room. It's very bright, lights shine in my face and everything is pristine white. It smells like the rubbing alcohol I used to clean my cuts. What I know though is that this is not my room. This is not my basement.

I started hyperventilating. I need to go back home or else they will be mad at me. I shouldn't have passed out and let the officer take me. I should've refused or fought back. Now they'll kill me. I wont even get to re-read Charlottes Web.

I can't be here.

A lady rushes in and quickly attempts to reassure me. "Hi there sweetie! You are in the hospital. You are safe now. Your parents were arrested. You are safe." The nurse assures me. I nod back to her my breathing going somewhat back to normal just from her kindness. She doesn't look like she'll hurt me.

Just don't make her mad and everything will be alright.

But if my parents are gone does that mean I end up an orphan or a foster kid? What if they are worse than my parents. I have read too many books about that.

Where will I end up?

"Where will I go Ms?" I mumbled to the nurse. It was so quiet I barely heard myself. Miraculously she does hear me.

"Your eldest brother James is taking you in." She tells me smiling.

Brother? Eldest? There is more than one? I thought I was an only child. Mom made it clear how much she hated me, so I just assumed she wouldn't have had any other kids.

"I don't have a brother."

"You do, you actually have 5!" She enthusiastically tells me with a kind smile on her face.

"F-five?" I stuttered. Too many boys. What if they are like my parents?

What if they hurt me more?

"Yeah, don't worry I've met two of them and they both seem nice." She tries to reassure me. I nod letting her know I heard her.

She gave me a smile and left the room. Not more than five minutes later two men came into the room.

One has dark drown hair and his face shows a soft expression. He's wearing a suit that screams powerful. The other has blonde hair and blue eyes, similar to mine. He is wearing a navy turtle neck and black denim jeans. They are both tall and tower over my small body lying directly in the middle of the hospital bed.

I start panicking. These two men are so tall and scary. The younger one slowly approaches me, I back up covering my head. He is much kinder looking then the older one. But I don't trust him. Brother or not anyone can hurt anyone. No matter if you share the same blood. I learned the hard way.

"Hi Daisy, my name is Henry I am your second eldest brother. It's so nice to see you again" my brother Henry speaks nicely. He has a soft kind voice that gives me this feeling of safety.

Wait again?

I look up at them. They both give me smiles as tears fill up their eyes. Even the scary one looks like hes going to cry. Am I really that ugly? There was a cracked mirror in the basement but there was hardly any light down there. But one thing I know is that if I am going to live with them I need to speak to them, so I ask the question thats been bothering me since I found out they are taking me in.

"Will you hurt me?"

"No never, we have been looking for you since you were taken. You will never ever be hurt again okay princess?" The older one who I am assuming is James said. He looks at me with something in his eyes that I have never seen before.

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