Heads Up!

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So this is technically my first posted story.

Originally this story was just for me to do in my spare time but now I feel a bit of confidence in posting it.

There are a few things I have to say...

1. I am not a writer, however I do enjoy doing it.

2. There are other books like this that have similar plot lines. I don't know the authors names but I do know that I did get my inspiration from those similar stories.

3. If my plot lines are similar to another story it is coincidental.

4. The main character is scared and traumatized and just wants to be loved. Please no hate on her and how she acts like baby.

5. I encourage feedback from you readers and would love to improve this book in anyway possible.

6. Slow updates. I am a high school student and I work. I will write and update when I can.

7. Most importantly I hope you enjoy this book.

Lots of love💕

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