Chapter 25 - Christmas

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About a week ago I started sleeping with my brothers at night. It was easier for them to get to me if I had a nightmare and I felt reassured knowing that I would be in the safety of their care.

They are all totally living for this new arrangement. On the first night this was decided we had to play just dance and whoever got the lowest dance score got eliminated from the contest. I was allowed to play with them just for fun and I never got eliminated. I mean, it would kind of ruin the point of the competition if I got eliminated. The person who ended up winning was Henry. Who knew he had suck sick moves?

Every night since then it has been a different competition. Last nights was ginger bread house making contest in celebration of Christmas Eve. I was the judge. They had all gone to separate rooms to decorate their houses and when the timer on their phones went off they all brought the houses into the dining room where I was then brought in and had to pick the best one.

The winner for that game was obviously Noah, him being the only other artistic person in the family making it an easy win on his behalf.

I woke up ten minutes ago but just soaked the comfort of his bear hug. Over the past few weeks my body image issues has kind of gone away. I mean I still feel disgusted when I see the scars but I tried doing what Xander mentioned about telling myself that they made me look strong. Henry also told me last week that they make me look badass. So I guess they are kinda cool, I just don't like the memories attached with them.

Noah pulls me so my back is against his chest, he tightenss his hold on me in his sleep. I live for this peacefulness, so I start tracing his daisy tattoo on his arm.

When I am older I'm getting all my scars covered up by tattoos. I will look like Noah!

The door to his room opens and I see a figure quickly tip toeing towards me. "Daisy!" Roman whisper shouts.

"Shhhh." I shush him. No one is allowed to wake Noah up.

"Daisy it's Christmas!" He whisper shouts again.

"I know!" I whisper back excitedly.

"We need to wake everyone up for gifts and stuff!"

"I don't want to wake them." I tell him. After having limited sleep these past few weeks I don't wish it upon anyone.

"Please, please, please. I've always wanted to do this with you." He begs me while giving me puppy eyes. I roll my eyes.

"Fine." He jumps in the air and does a silent victory dance.

"Okay bambina, I'll wake Noah up by jumping on him alright?" I nod in response. He counts down from three and then plunges himself into the air landing on Noah's side with a loud thud.

"Fuckkkkk." Noah groans out. "The fuck is wrong with you Roman?" He looks down at Roman who has latched himself onto Noah. He pulls me tighter in his chest and buries his head in my hair.

"It's Christmas!" Rome and I both say at the same time.

"It's six in the morning." He responds.

"We are going to wake the others, if you aren't up before we are done you will have a meeting with the ice bucket." Roman threatens him.

Noah let's me go and goes to his ensuite bathroom. Not before flipping Roman the bird.

Rome looks so excited.

"Let's go bambina." He says excited as he grabs my hand and pulls me out to the hallway.

"Who first?" I ask him. He thinks for a minute before going to Henry's door.

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