Chapter 31 - Damn

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"Xander get to the car NOW! Start it up and make sure Daisy does not leave!"

I don't waste any time as I send a bullet through the guy that's attacking Henry's skull. I nod to him and he nods back.

I sprint to the car and hop in the drivers seat. I turn it on and wait patiently for the boys. I look back and see Daisy shaking with her head in her hands.

"I-I killed someone." What the fuck? I look back at her and she looks so scared and ashamed with tears running down her face.

I reach my hand back for her to grab, she does and I give it a squeeze. "You did what you had to do baby."

"He was hurting James and the gun was right there and- and I just didn't want James to be hurt but I hurt someone else in the process." She sobs. Gunshots and fighting is all that's heard over her sobs.

"Daisy you saved James life. You are his hero." I try to sympathize. The gunshots have stopped and the fighting is over. I look out the rear view mirror and see the 4 others standing there looking like they are arguing.


"Daisy it's all over everyone's fine."

As I say that Roman, Henry, and a pissed off Noah hop in the car.

"What about-" I start but get cut off.

"Just drive." Noah orders me.

"But what about Ja-"

"Just drive Xan." Henry orders me exhausted.

I drive off the property.

"When James got the call from Dante saying they knew where we are, he told James to go to the base." Roman let's me know.

I nod and start driving.

Henry sits next to me in the passenger seat along with Timmy by his feet. Roman and Noah sit on either side of Daisy who is in the middle with Beau lying by her feet.

Poor girl.



I sit next to Daisy, she is shaking and uncontrollably crying. She has a splatter of blood on her face and she's eyeing Noah's bloodied shirt with fear.

I rub her arms and guide her body to lean on my side. I wrap my arm around her shoulder and kiss her forehead.

"Henry can you pass me a wipe?" I ask. He pulls the wipes out of the glove compartment and hands the container to me. I open it and start cleaning the blood off of Daisy's cheek.

"There you go." I whisper.

She starts crying even more. "Where is James?" She hiccups.

"He said he has to stay back and do something he will come join us later." Noah tells her finally looking at her.

"What happened Daisy?" I ask her.

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