Part II - Chapter 5

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For the past two days we have been following Dante and figuring out where he goes in his free time.

He's mostly at work in his base or he's at a club where he goes in sober and comes out shitfaced. I'm not even going to question it.

Tonight is the night. We have been following him all day. He has multiple undercover guards following him around every second of the day. This is perfect for our plan.

"Okay Matteo are you ready for this?" I ask him while jumping up and down. He chuckles and pulls me into his massive arms. When he pulls back and smiles at me.

"What ever happens we will be alright okay?" I nod and with that we set up on the building.

Dante without fail, every night, once the sun has hit the horizon and the sky has turned a pink colour goes to the bar.

He should be here any second now. We have set up and have been hiding out on top of the two story building across from the bar.

We wait in silence. We wait, we wait we wai-

There he is. He pulls up in a car across the street from the bar. Three other cars exactly the same park near and all of them hop out of their cars.

It's still bright enough for them to spot us once we shoot. So, with them slowly getting out of the car I nod my head in Matteo's direction telling him to get ready.

Dante hops out of his car and walks across the street.

The streets are empty of people and life in general, so we won't even have to worry about any bystanders.

With Dante half way across the street I give Matteo the go ahead.

"Go." I order him.

"Yes ma'am." He replies. With that he makes his shot. The loud gunshot rings through the air barely grazing Dante's arm. He pulls his gun out along with his guards as they search for us.

"Tu es prête jolie fille?" He asks with a smirk.

Translation: You ready pretty girl?

"Pronto come sempre zucchero." I respond to his French in Italian giving him a smirk and standing up.

Translation: Ready as ever sugar.

They catch the both of us on the roof and we flip them off with both hands before sprinting down the building.

So charming right?

We have hoods on so they didn't catch my face. We sprint from building to building and all I hear is Dante scream to get us alive in Spanish.


"Ready Daisy it's now or never."

"Ready." With that we make a 'wrong' move and run straight into the body guards.

"Beautiful evening Caballeros!" I greet them. They cock their guns and hold our gaze.

I feel a big hit to the back of my head and I'm out as a light.


I rub my head as my eyes adjust to where I am. My brain waking up from the massive hit I got to my head. I look around the room and see Matteo laying unconscious tied up to a pole. I tried to get to him but I stop when the clanking of metal and the all too familiar cuffs on my wrist tighten. I sigh and lean my head against the pole.

Looking around the room it looks relatively similar to the cells at Anthony's base but the only difference is these ones are cleaner.

"Matteo!" I whisper shout. Nothing.

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