Chapter 32 - Over

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It's been two days since the attack at the safe house and lately my brothers have been working like crazy. They are constantly in meetings and trying to plan attacks.

Just like right now. I am sitting with Timmy and Beau in the back area of the base. The base overlooks a huge hill and a forest. It is breathtaking.

My life has done a total flip in the past three months. I mean, I left the basement, I found out what having a family feels like, I've gotten out of my shell quite a bit, and I have made my first friend.

But somehow my mother seems to ruin it for me. It feels like I can't breathe, every time I sleep, every time I eat, every time I blink for Christ sake. I can't escape her. I know she won't stop either.

But as I sit here looking over the forest and hills I've come to terms with it. I've come to terms with all the pain and all the suffering she has and will put me through. I've come to terms with the fact that this luxurious life I am living will most likely not be forever. I know I shouldn't think like that but over the past few days I've become more of a realist than an optimist.

Whatever happens will happen, I will fight and I will survive even if I don't have my brothers alongside me.

Now, after I have made this realization and have come to terms with what will or might happen, I feel this wave of peace rush through me. I feel almost free, like now it's my turn to chose the way my life wants to go. I just wish I made this realization a long time ago.

"Daisy!" Someone shouts to me from the base. I look back to see Xander running towards me. He sits down and leans me into his side. "What are you doing out here it's cold?"

"Just thinking." I respond while looking out at the forest.

"Good or bad thinking?" He questions me.

"Good." I happily sigh. He squeezes me and looks out to the forest too.

I think about all of the times with my brothers. Baking with Henry. Hikes with Noah. Waking everyone up on Christmas morning with Roman. Cuddles with James. And my adventure with Xander.

"I love you Xander."

"Love you too princess." He says as he kisses my forehead.

"Daisy! Xander! Get inside!" Roman shouts from the door.

"Come on let's go." Xan says as he pulls me up and brushes my grassy bum off. He takes my hands and the dogs follow behind us as we walk back inside.

As we get through the doors I am pulled into someone's embrace. "Jesus Daisy, you are freezing! Why did you go out there without your hat!" James scolds me while carrying me over to the fireplace. 

"Sorry James." I smile up at him. His stern expression softens and he pulls me back into his arms. He holds me for like half an hour but every time I try to pull away he pulls me back and mutters a 'no'.

I didn't mind at first but now I'm getting antsy. I really have to pee. "James I need to go to the bathroom." I say as I struggle to get out of his tight embrace. "Please James my bladder is going to explode!"

"Fine." He grumbles. He lets me go and I quickly run off to the bathroom passing a confused Henry and Noah on the way.

I do my business and leave the bathroom. I nearly jump out of my skin when I see Enrico, Dante's second in command standing out the door.

"Sorry sweetheart didn't mean to scare you."

"No problem Rico!" I say as I fist bump him. I leave and search for one of my brothers. As I was walking past the front foyer I do a double take as I see hundreds of guns and rifles and multiple men suiting up in bullet proof vests.

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