[60] The Wall

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Some of you guys are confused if Jennie died, yes she did. The little Jennie, not older Jennie. Not Jennie Kim.

Narrator (POV)

As GD was about to drive off, someone jumps in front of the car making him press on the brakes hard. "What is it??", Suga asked, wondering why he stopped all of a sudden. "Why'd we stop??", Tae asked. GD and Rm who was sitting in the front seats looked up seeing......Kun. "What the hell?!".

"Please let me in!", he begged, as all the zombies were running after them from behind. "No! Don't let him in! He's the reason why we ended up here in the first place!", Hobi exclaimed angrily. "Drive. They're getting closer!!", Jisoo shouted, looking back seeing Exo still shooting, but there were too many zombies.

All of Exo's kept on fighting back as they kept shooting but it wasn't gonna last long since their bullets were running out.

"Hurry up!", GD shouted out to him, as he came rushing to the door. "Get in, before I shoot you instead!", Hobi warned, rolling his eyes as he quickly opened the door, until he saw Kun acting weird.  As Kun was about to come in, Hobi saw his hand holding onto his stomach.

He then clicked his gun at his forehead without any hesitation. "Pull up your shirt". "What? We don't have time", Kun said as the zombies were getting closer. "I said! Pull up your shirt!", Hobi exclaimed, glaring. "HURRY!!", GD yelled.

"Aish". Kun then pulled up his shirt as it revealed a bite mark, making him and the others gasp. "You got bit?...Getaway!!", Suga yelled. "No it's just a scratch, I'm gonna be fine", Kun begged as he started to twitch in such a weird way. "Getaway!", Hobi again shouted as Kun fell to the floor in so much pain.

His head started to feel like it was about to explode from the heat and pain. Kun's arm and legs started to twist in the opposites direction, as you can hear each and every one of his bones breaking. "Close the damn door!!", GD shouted as he was getting ready to drive off.

Hobi quickly grabbed the door handle and slammed the door shut, but someone's arm quickly stopped it from entirely closing. Hobi looked and it was Kun who has transformed into a zombie as he was desperately trying to open the car, yelling with his mouth wide open with blood disgustingly pouring out of his mouth. Hobi is aggressively trying to close the door shut, but Kun then grabs him by his shirt and tries to bring him closer.

Jungkook and Jin who was sitting beside him quickly helped him, as Suga was using his gun to hit Kuns arm to have him lose grip off of Hobi's shirt. GD ignored everything that was going on in the back and just drove off.

Zombies were catching up to them as one came jumping onto the car, tightly holding on by Lisa's window aggressively slamming its head on the window trying to breakthrough. Lisa, Jisoo, and Jennie all screamed, scooting back as Lisa held her gun up at the window getting ready to shoot it once it enters.

GD stepped on the gas making them drive even faster. And the zombie that kept banging its head on Lisa's window, finally broke in as Lisa started shooting at it. She and the other girls were screaming as Lisa kept shooting, but then their hope quickly disappeared when Lisa ran out of bullets.

"Oh shit!"...The zombie then jumped on Lisa as it was screaming. Jungkook saw and tried to help but he had his hands full with zombies tryna break-in through the other door. Jisoo and Jennie pulled out their gun and started shooting, but then GD immediately braked as all the zombies on top of the car flew off, as well as the zombie who was trying to eat Lisa, flew to the front of the car and out of the window.

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