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Lisa (Pov)

"Where is the damn campsite??". I drove around and around in circles but always ended back to the same spot. I started to get frustrated and irritated, especially by the honking noise.

Walkers all around would hear it and run after me so I decided to ditch it and walk on foot.

I parked the car and quickly hopped out, but then noticed something. Wow, this would be a great help. I grabbed it and put it in my pocket and started running. I kept running and running until I was out of the walker's sight and deep into the forest.

My legs grew tired and weak from both running and walking. All of my energy is all drained out and my mouth is dry and I'm just desperate for water. I fell to the floor not being able to go any farther and heavily breathing trying to catch my breath.

I looked up at the clear bright sky feeling calm and peaceful. "This is a perfect time to die...in peace", I said to myself, laughing. There was then a gunshot that quickly got my attention. I got up and birds started flying out of the trees from the gunshot sound.

I quickly followed the echo of it and it led me to....... a campsite. Is this the campsite Suga told me about or is this a different one? I slowly walked past the tents and to a group of people. Some were yelling, some were crying, and some just stayed quiet.

I quickly hid behind a tree, peeking. The group was surrounding three girls who were on the ground, crying. I looked at everyone's faces and saw unfamiliar faces until I came across one that I noticed and I knew that face pretty well...

Jisoo unnie? "Thank god your alive", I sighed in relief.

Narrator (Pov)

Lisa is shocked and happy to see her sister/best friend again. She is in so much shock as she stood still crying tears of joy, not knowing what to do. She wanted to run to her, but her legs just stood still.

She slowly walked towards the crowd, and everyone turned their backs pointing their guns at her, but she didn't care.

"Who the hell are you?....Hey! I'm talking to you", Tzuyu shouted getting everyone's attention. Everyone who didn't know Lisa clicked their guns and faced it at her, but Lisa ignored them all and walked straight to Jisoo who was crying, comforting...."Jennie?! Rosie?!", Lisa gasped in shock. "Hey! Do you not have a mouth?!", Tzuyu shouted.

"Stop Tzuyu. Just stop!", Jimin exclaimed. She was surprised on why they just let a 'stranger' just walk in, but what she and the others don't know is that, they are all very close. Bts was shocked and had no words, as they just watched Lisa walk towards her sisters, crying.

"Is it really you guys?!", Lisa asked out loud. Jisoo looked up still crying not knowing who asked. "Unnie!!?", Lisa cried out loud. Jennie and Rose quickly recognized the cute aegyo voice, they looked up surprised.

"L-LISA?!", Jennie said in shock. She just stood there crying nodding her head. "Yes Unnie, it's me", she laughed. Jennie quickly ran up attacking Lisa with hugs, and the other two followed. They all hugged each other tightly, crying.

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