[48] Comfort

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Narrator (POV)

(Middle of the day)

As Rose and Bambam continued searching for Milo, they grew tired and exhausted from being dehydrated and also because it was hot as hell. Bambam finally decided to rest and they stopped in the middle of nowhere.

Rose sat down, as her eyes were puffy, from crying. She has no more strength left in her body, since it's been all drained out from the pain in her leg and empty, dried stomach. Rose took off her shoes and socks as it was hurting her feet so bad.

Once the sock came off, she just cried at the sight of her feet....

Once the sock came off, she just cried at the sight of her feet

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She tried moving it, but a single movement led it hurting like a living hell! She wanted to scream, but was afraid Bambam would hurt her again. As she was fixing her badly bruised ankle, Bambam was peaking at Rose, seeing her in so much pain.

He started to feel guilty for hurting her like that, since it was unnecessary, but he was just so desperate to find his little sister. He then got up and walked over to her.

"Need help?", he asked. Rose looked up glaring at him, being pissed that he's acting like nothing happened. "I didn't mean to hurt you-"..."Well you did!", she exclaimed. "Does it hurt?", he asked.

"NoOoOoOo, I'm totally fine!!", she replied dramatically. "I'm trying to be nice and your acting like a bitch right now!", Bambam shouted. "Look who's talking!", she scoffed. "You forced me to walk on a twisted fucking ankle and then stepped on it because I was crying?! And I'm being the bitch here?!", she chuckled.

"Well let me help you, to pay you back"..."No! I don't even want you near me!", Rose exclaimed. "Fine! Lets go then!", Bambam shouted. Rose then looked at him with a 'are you serious?!' face. "Look at my leg! I can't even move it!", Rose yelled.

He then took off his shirt and walked toward her, as she started to cover her chest, thinking he's gonna do something. "What the hell are you doing?!! Stay back!!", she shouted, but he ignored and grabbed her leg, making her scream in pain.

"Shush! Your gonna lead walkers straight to us with your big ass mouth!!", Bambam shouted. "What are you even doing?", she asked. He ignored and grabbed her leg and started wrapping it with his shirt. It was hurting her so much, she had to cover her mouth or else she would scream even louder.

It was hurting so bad, she started tearing up. He kept wrapping her leg, using his shirt to make it into a leg cast. "Okay come! This will atleast help you", he said and grabbed her to stand up.

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