[13] Mistake

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Lisa (Pov)

Just a few months ago, my life was blissfully normal. I had everything I wanted. I didn't have any concerns or worries, but that seems like it was an eternity ago.

It's hard to believe it's only been six weeks. God knows what state the rest of the world is in. They shut off the city's power, water, and communication. As if shutting us down and pretending Seoul never existed could stop this pandemic from going global.

Damn government.

I miss Jennie, Rose, Jisoo, and especially Jungkook, along with everyone else, Where are you guys?! Why haven't you guys come back to find me? I think I've lost hope of you guys still being alive. :'(


"Lisa?", someone calls from inside, making me snap out of my thoughts. I quickly wiped my tears. "Oh found you. What are you doing here?", Bambam asked. "Just enjoying this ugly view", I chuckled. "Well let's go?". "Where?". "We're running out of food, so we have to go out", he says. "Oh that's right".


"You ready to go?", Bambam asked. "Yup", Milo and I replied. "No your not going Milo!", Bambam exclaimed. "Why not?!", she whined. "You're too young, and it's dangerous out there".

"I'm not a kid anymore Bambam. You can't protect me all the time", she angrily cried and stormed off to her room. "Just let her be, she'll eventually get over it", Bambam's mother replied.

"Kun? Are you not going?", I asked. "Nah". "Lazy ass", Bambam says under his breath, which made me chuckle. "Okay let's go- You got your mask? Jacket? Gloves?", Bambam checked. "Yup".

"Wait, don't forget this", Bambam's mother says as we looked back and see her holding a walkie talkie.

"Wait, don't forget this", Bambam's mother says as we looked back and see her holding a walkie talkie

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"Oh yeah how could I forget these"...She hands us one and keeps the other. "Remember. If you guys are in trouble...Call us right away", she exclaimed being nervous for us. "Don't worry mom. We'll be okay", Bambam says hugging his mother and giving her a kiss on the forehead.

"Don't worry too much- I won't let anything happen to him", I say. "Thank you Lisa- You keep yourself safe as well". "I will". After we both walked out the door, and into the empty hallway...

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