[47] Missing Boy

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I walked up to RM who was just eating. "Can I talk to you?!", I asked. "What?"..."We had a deal! Did you forget?! Because I didn't! And it was if we can't find-"..."Well now I have a new deal!", he exclaimed.

"After Jin's girlfriend is healed, we leave!"..."You can't change a deal you already agreed on!"..."Well I just did!", he scoffed. I just glared at him, thinking if he will really keep his word this time. "Fine, deal! But once she's healed we're back on the road! Got it?!!". "Yeah, yeah whatever".

Tzuyu (POV)

I sat in the bed, giggling. "What's up with you?", Chaeyoung asked seeing me in a good mood. "Oh nothing!...I'm just happy that I may have a chance now", I smirked.

"I'm confused"..."Ugh your so slow!!...Now that Lisa maybe dead, Jungkook is S-I-N-G-L-E!!", I squealed. "So what are you gonna do?".... "Oh you know? Try to get on his good side first and then let him know I'm actually not a bad of a person".

"Good luck with that!"..."I won't need luck, because I already know I'm gonna win his heart", I smirked and then fell back on the bed, blushing so hard, just thinking of all the things Jungkook and I will be doing in the future.

Him and I passionately kissing, AGAIN! My hand holding his and his holding mine, never wanting to let go. And him, forgetting and replacing Lisa from his heart and adding an even more better treasure.

"I never loved life so much", I chuckled. My cheekbones were hurting from smiling too much, but smiling because of Jungkook is so worth the pain........"Do you guys think Lisa is alive?", I asked. No answer. I got up and saw no one, but Jihyo standing by the window.

"Jihyo?!", I called, but no reply. I got up from the bed and walked towards her, wondering what was distracting her from not listening to me. "HELLO!!", I shouted in her ear, making her flinch.

"Goddamn it Tzuyu!", she exclaimed. "I was freaking talking to you and you didn't respond! And what the hell are you looking at?!", I asked and looked out the window, only seeing a guy.

"OoOoOoOoHhHh!! Who is that?", I teased. "It's no one! Forget it!". "Are you in love?!!"..."No!", she exclaimed. "You like him, don't you?!", I chuckled. "No! Stop it!"...

Jin (POV)

I sat beside Jisoo who was on the bed, sleeping. The doc then walked in as I stood up and bowed out of respect.

"Is she going to be okay?", I asked. "I'm not sure, that's quite a wound, but let's hope she does", she says and checks her pulse. "Is she going to t-turn?", I asked, nervously. "It's really hard to say! I'm not sure". I just looked down at Jisoo and held her hands and kissed it.

But then out of nowhere she started flinching and then started moving around like she was having a seizure. "What's happening?!!", I asked. I was holding her to stay still, but she kept moving around like crazy, which was scarying me. The doctor and other people came rushing in and started tying her arms and legs to the bed.

"What are you doing?!!", I asked, on the verge of crying. "She's turning!", the doc shouted. "W-W-WHAT?!! NO!!". A lady started pushing me out, but I refused. "Let me see her!", I yelled.

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