[39] Invasion

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Narrator (Pov)

Tzuyu slowly opened her eyes, seeing all of her friends. She slowly got up and was aching in pain. "What happened??", she asked weakly. "You and Lisa got into a fight and she knocked the shit out of you! And even Jihyo", Sana chuckled...

Chaeyoung and Jihyo glared at her to shut up. "Are you okay??", Jihyo asked. "My head just hurts, but I'll be fine!"..."Do your hands hurt?", Nayeon asked. "No"..."Good, let's go". "Where?"..."To do laundry!", she exclaimed, making everyone groan in annoyance.

"But I just woke up and I have a headache", Tzuyu whined. "You said you'll be fine, and beside it's good to have extra help to finish faster", she explained. Tzuyu then started throwing a fit.

"Never mind, I feel like I have a cramp in my hand", Tzuyu lied, not wanting to do any chores right now. "Isn't it almost dark??", Sana complained. "Well then, let's hurry up before it gets any darker", she exclaimed and walked out of the tent.

"AISH!!!", all four complained. They got up and walked out, while Tzuyu was the last to come out. When she got out, the first person she saw was Lisa, which was in the tent across them. Her anger quickly returned the moment she saw Lisa. She stormed over, trying to beat Lisa again, but Nayeon quickly stops her.

"Enough! You guys already caused enough drama, don't cause any more! I'm tired of your guys bullshit!", she exclaimed. Tzuyu rolled her eyes and just glared at Lisa. "She messed up my fucking face!!", Tzuyu shouted getting Lisa's attention. Lisa looked out of the tent and saw Tzuyu who still had a black eye.

She started laughing so hard. Tzuyu then glared back her...Now they were both staring at each other. "Yah! Lisa!... Come out here and fight me again!!", Tzuyu yelled, angrily. "WHY?!! So I can beat your ass up again and make your other eye black to match the other?!", Lisa chuckled, making Jisoo and Rose laugh as well.

Tzuyu was so mad she wanted to just punch Lisa, but Nayeon and the rest of Twice grabbed her to calm down. "Don't mind her!", Chaeyoung exclaimed. "I just wanna freaking choke her ass!"..."You can do that later, but right now we have laundry", Nayeon said, handing her a basket of clothes.

"AISH! Can't we just do this tomorrow or next week?!", Tzuyu whined. "Sure, if you want to wear the same pants you shit on!", Nayeon exclaimed. Tzuyu rolled her eyes, as they all walked off towards the lake.

"But isn't their walkers in the lake??", Tzuyu asked being afraid to come in contact with another one. "That's why we have guns! And there's probably one or two in there! Don't worry"...


Jisoo, Rose, and Lisa all sat inside the tent, just having small talk, hoping Jennie would wake up by now. "She'll wake up soon", Jisoo said trying to cheer up Lisa and Rose. "She better!"..."I miss her!", Rose pouted on the verge of crying.

"Why don't you go watch out for any walkers?", Jisoo suggested, not wanting to see Rose cry again. "I don't want to Unnie!"...Then she signaled Lisa to take her. "Uhh, I'll go with you Rose", she said, as they both got up and left the tent.

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