[53] Men Have Tears Too

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Narrator (POV)

"Well, well look at what we have here!", someone chuckled. Both Kai and Tae looked back and saw Mingyu, along with one of his men, Kang Daniel. "And what do you think your doing in here?!"..."We came sight seeing", Kai chuckled, not even thinking of what he's saying.

Tae looked at him with an, 'are you dumb?!' look. "Now that you have seen are food storage, is there anything else you want to see?", Mingyu asked. "We heard a scream-"..."Oh that was me!", Daniel exclaimed.

"The lights turned off and I bumped into one of these shits!", he chuckled, referring to the meats hanging from the hooks. "What are those?!", Kai asked. "Have you never seeen inside a deer before?"...

Tae and Kai both looked at each other, thinking they were wrong about a few things, but Tae knew there was more to what they were just seeing now. "I'll escort you outside since there's nothing else to see", Daniel said with a creepy smile.

Tae and Kai walked out of the room, as Daniel followed from behind, except Mingyu. He just looked at them as they walked out. He then spoke through the walkie talkie. "Change of plans! We'll be carrying out the plan tonight!", he exclaimed, knowing that Tae or one of them was gonna find out sooner or later what he's gonna be up to.


"Really?? Sight seeing?", Tae chuckled. "I couldn't think of anything else-"..."Exactly why you should just keep your mouth shut!", he replied and walked off. "Aish!", Kai scoffed and just started punching the air, as if he was punching Tae, but was only joking.

He has nothing against Tae, except when he liked Jennie, but not anymore. Although he liked Jennie, he knew she could never be his and he also knows that he was only gonna hurt himself if he stayed liking her.

In which Tzuyu should learn from Kai. Teehee.

But back to him punching the air, dramatically, he then saw a little girl, who was watching him the entire time. "Omo! I didn't see you there", he chuckled, but she just kept looking at him. Kai awkwardly smiled and then walked off being embarrassed.

Rose (POV)

"I'll be back", I said, leaving Jimin in the room. "Where you going?"..."To find myself another man", I joked and walked out of the room. "Yah!", I just laughed and just kept walking until I came across Jin and quickly avoided eye contact, looking down being awkward. "Rose? Can I talk to you?", he asked, stopping me.

I looked up and softly nodded my head. "I just wanted to apologize for the way I acted. It was wrong and rude, I hope you won't hold a grudge against me", he apologized. "Yeah you were very rude!".

"I'm sorry"..."But i should also say sorry for hitting you, I was just mad", I chucked. "It's okay, I deserved it for being a jerk", he laughed. "Yeah you did!", I joked. "So were good now?", he asked. "Of course we are jerk".

Tzuyu (POV)

I saw Jungkook sitting next to Suga and I walked over, fixing my hair, making sure I was looking good for my soon-to-be man. I just chuckled at the thought of that. "Hey, mind if I join?", I asked. "No! Don't you see we're doing something!", Suga exclaimed.

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