[8] Plan (Pt. 3)

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Lisa (Pov)

I woke up to someone softly shaking me to wake up. I slowly opened my eye's seeing Sehun. "Oh, sorry, I fell asleep". "That's okay, but we still have to continue our plan...Right?", he replied. "Yeah of course- I'll be right there, just give me a minute".

He walked away, and I looked to my left side, seeing Jisoo comfortably sleeping on a pile of clothes. "Jisoo unnie?", I called shaking her to wake up. She quickly got up, which scared the hell out of me. "What! Are their zombies?!", she asked being scared.

"Damn- You scared me!", I say still trying to calm myself down. "Sorry...I've just been paranoid lately". "It's okay unnie, so have I, but we have to get ready", I replied. "Ready for what?".

"Ready to get the hell out of here". "Lisa! Jisoo!", Suho called. "Well that's our cue to get up and go"....


"So how are we going to do this?", Chanyeol asked. They all looked at me, pressuring me. "Stop staring at me! You guys are making me scared". "Well, your the one who came up with this plan", Suho says. True, but I didn't really think of how we were going to get the zombies.

I started thinking. Oh got it! "Is there a back door?", I asked. "There actually is- I saw one when I was just scanning through the place for any walkers", Sehun replied. We followed him, while he led us towards the back.

"Here it is", "Okay- Now slowly open the door, and see if you see any zombies around", I explained. Kai walked up to the door, slowly opening it, peeking through. "There's two", he says closing the door.

"Were there any other zombies around?", I asked. "Yeah, but they're far away, these two are closer", he replies. "Okay that's great". "So what's this plan of yours?", Suho asked.

"We're going to kill them from behind, which is easier, and then drag them in", I explained. "There's no way I'm going out there", Suho replied backing away from the door. "Ha!- Scaredy cat!", Jisoo teased.

"Okay then I'll go, who's with me?", I asked. "You're not going out there", Jisoo scolded holding me back. "Unnie- I'll be fine". "No, I'm not trying to lose you too".

"Don't worry you'll have me if you lose her", Suho smirked. "Ugh- I rather die than be stuck with you!", she disgustingly exclaimed. "Suite yourself", he scoffed.

"Don't worry Lisa, stay here where it's safe and Kai and I will go instead", Sehun says. "Are you sure?". "Don't worry, it'll be cake work", he chuckled. "Okay, but if there's zombie's running after you, just leave and come back!", I exclaimed. "Awwww she cares for you", Suho teased.

"No, I just-"..."Thanks for your concern", Sehun replied blushing. "Ew, get lost- she belongs to Jungkook and only Jungkook!", Jisoo exclaimed holding tight to me. I chuckled and playfully hit Jisoo. "Okay love birds- we don't have all day", Kai says making it more awkward than it already is.

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