[12] One Missing

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Lisa (Pov)

"Do you mind telling me your name?", I asked. "Bambam", he replied. "Oh well then thank you for saving me". "Your welcome, let's go meet the others now". "The.... others?". We exited the roof and went down the stairs. "So how many people are here?", I asked. "Just my family and I", he replied. "Oh"


We stopped at the fourth floor as he opens up the door, and we enter an empty hallway. "Is this a hotel?", I asked. "Yup. Many people escaped, but my family and I stayed knowing it's better to stay safe in here than out there!", he exclaimed. True.

We stopped at a door, and he started knocking, while I was behind standing nervously. The door slowly opens and a head pops out peeking through. "Hurry inside". We both rushed in and he quickly locks the door.

I stood there awkwardly, while a girl was just eyeing me. "Because of you, my brother was so stubborn to go out there and save you", she exclaimed. This must be his sister. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to put anyone in danger", I apologized. "It's okay....Milo you're scaring her".

"Do you have any bites?!", she asked. "No". "How is that even possible? You were running through all those walkers and don't have a single wound or scratch?! Let me check", she comes close to me and starts touching all over my body, scanning. This is so weird. "Is this really necessary?!", Bambam complained. "I'm just checking, so we all aren't in danger. But anyways, she's clear".

"What are you doing to that poor girl?", a lady says from behind. Now that has to be his mom. I stood there smiling awkwardly. "Oh dear, you must be hungry. Come and eat something, you look pale and thin". "I'm fine. I'm not really hungry", I lied. I'M STARVING!!

I can hear my poor empty stomach desperately crying for food.

She ignores and drags me to the kitchen and brings out a lot of food, and lays it down in front of me. My mouth started to water. Omg. This looks so good. "Sorry my mom-"..."No, it's fine", I chuckled making sure he doesn't take away all this food, because I'm starving! "Here eat", his mom says handing me a fork.

Narrator (Pov)

Lisa is ready to dig in, but feels shy eating around them, especially because they were all just staring at her like she was a creature from space. Bambam quickly realizes that she was feeling a bit uncomfortable, so he signal's his mom to leave. His mom quickly understood, and leaves, along with Milo.

"You can go ahead and eat now, No need to feel shy", Bambam says smiling, Lisa chuckles and starts eating. She is so hungry, she just wants to shove her face, but since Bambam is there, she'll eat properly. "So what were you doing out there alone?", Bambam asked. "I was with a group of people until I lost them", Lisa replies being sad but is strongly holding in her tears.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Who were they?". "Four of them were guys, who saved me and the other was a girl, who is my best friend, Jisoo and also is like a mother to me", she chuckled. "A mother?".

"I left Thailand at the age of fourteen and came here to study. Jisoo was the first person I met, she helped me with many things, along with my other two best friends, that I love like my own sisters", I explained smiling. "You were born in Thailand?!", Bambam asked being surprised since he too, was also from there.

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