[43] Tzuyu's Story

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Narrator (POV)

After, everyone went back to dragging the zombie bodies on the fire. "We're not burning Nayeon!", Tzuyu exclaimed. Everyone just looked at her.

"We're gonna do this the right way and bury her", she said tearing up. "No one has time to dig-"..."Well fucking make time! I'm not burning her- She needs to be respected", she exclaimed.

"Pff...what does she know about respect", Jimin scoffed. Tzuyu got up and grabbed a stick and started digging, but it wasn't working. If only there was a shovel to make everything a lot easier.

As Tzuyu was trying to dig a hole, she just kept crying. Crying because the person who she's burying has done so much for her and she still treated her like shit. "I'm sorry I yelled at you, I didn't mean it", she sobbed.

Jihyo and Chaeyoung tried stopping her because she was only hurting herself. Tzuyu was in so much pain she then remembered what happened in the past...


Tzuyu (POV)

I sat at the corner of the room cold and tired. My stomach was growling, desperately wanting food and water. My face was pale and my lips were dry and crusty. I've been in here for two straight days, doing nothing but cry my eyes out.

Someone then opens the door, which is mom. "Can I come out now?", I nervously asked with teary eyes. She just scoffed and threw me a plate of food making it spill everywhere. "Eat you little shit and when you lose that damn attitude of yours then I'll decide if I should let you out", she exclaimed and slammed the door.

I looked at the food and grabbed the loaf of bread that was half eaten and had mold on it. I removed the mold and took a bite, despite of how bad it smelled, I was too hungry to even think about it.

Then I heard giggling and laughter from upstairs. "I bet it's a different guy from yesterday". I rolled my eyes, being irritated that this is the seventh random guy mom bought home this week.

I closed my eyes and cried myself to sleep since that's all I could do.


I was immediately disturbed when I heard yelling and screaming from outside. "We're fucking done! So now you can go ahead and fuck any guy you want because we're through you slut", one man yelled and I quickly recognized it.......It's dad.

 I got up and started banging. "Leave then, I don't need you! Go and take your shitty ass daughter with you as well!", mom shouted.

"Appa don't go just yet, don't leave me here again", I cried hoping he could hear, but the walls were sound proof and mom made sure of that. Don't leave me please.

I kept on banging, crying my eyes out.

Then mom came crashing in. I quickly got up, seeing her mascara ruined from her cries. "You!", she says storming towards me being hella angry. I walked back being terrifyingly scared. "Please not again mom, Please", I begged hoping she doesn't beat me up again!

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