[46] Korean Folk Village

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(It is now early in the morning)

Narrator (POV)

Jimin stormed into the woods, but then three guys popped up right in front of him, making him quickly pull out his gun, along with everyone else. "Who the fuck are you-"... Jimin shouted, but then was surprised when he saw one of the guys he noticed.

"Your alive!!", Suga said in shock. "Hey everybody", Kun said, smiling. Everybody just looked at him, shocked and speechless. "I know you guys thought I was dead, but I'm-", he was then cut off when Kai punched him in the face.

Two of the guys who were with Kun quickly pulled out there guns aiming it to Kai. "Calm down!", Kun said, as they put there guns down. "Where the fuck is Baekhyun and Chen!?", Kai shouted. "There safe!! Don't worry there safe!!", he said.

Kai then got off of him, as Kun got up dusting himself. "Why did you guys leave?"..."You think I wanted to stay here and die with you all? Hell no! I started calling out to other survivors and someone answered, so when we left we found a village and they have everything we need! Food, water, and even girls!", he chuckled.

Suga looked at him in disgust. "Well who are these guys? And how would we know if Baekhyun and Chen are really okay??", Chanyeol asked. "I felt bad for leaving you guys behind, so I came back to get you all and those two didn't want to come", Kun replied.

"And besides they got doctors", he continued to say which caught Jin's attention. "Doctors??"..."Yeah"..."We have to go with him, RM", Jin said. "I don't know, I don't trust him!".


As GD was watching everything from the RV he saw someone he noticed......very well.

He moved the mirror to get a better, closer look..."Kun?? He's alive??", he said to himself and quickly hopped out of the car and stormed towards him. Kun looked at him and was shocked. GD came and punched him, right in the spot Kai punched.

Bts and Exo were all confused on what just happened. "What was that for?", RM asked. "He's the idiot who started all this! It's him!!", GD shouted. Bts and Exo were shooked, especially when they all thought Kun was a crackhead from the streets as his life before.

"So your saying this shithead started all of this?!!", Suga asked..."Yes! I told him there was something wrong, but he didn't listen!! And because of his stupidity and ignorance he was the reason why-"...GD quickly thought of his wife who died over the phone.

He couldn't go on, so he just stopped and glared at Kun who had a bleeding lip.

"I didn't mean to start this!!", Kun exclaimed, but GD knew he was lying. "Now we have a good reason not to go with you guys!", RM exclaimed. "But there's food, shelter, and girls!!". "No one cares about those girls! I bet there crackheads just like you!", Suga scoffed.

"Wow! I came back because I thought you guys needed help, but it looks like you guys got this on your own!", Kun said and rolled his eyes. "We'll find our own food and water!", RM exclaimed and walked back to the RV, along with everyone else, but Jin.

"I'm sorry guys, but I'm going with them!", Jin exclaimed, carrying Jisoo in a bridal style. "No! You don't even know if he's telling the truth!"..."I am telling the truth! It's totally safe there!!", Kun shouted. "It's a risk I'm willing to take!", Jin exclaimed.

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