[5] Zombie Cat

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Lisa (POV)

I woke up to someone shaking me as I quickly got up and it was one of the guys. "Wake up, we have to go. There are zombies everywhere", he says quietly shouting. I looked and we were in the city. "What are we doing here?", I asked. He ignores and was busy loading his gun, along with the others which was scary.

I started shaking Jisoo to wake up as well. "Unnie. Wake up. We have to go". "What's going on?", she asked being confused, still tired. "I don't know".

One of them looked back at us..."Okay on the count of three... Were all going to open our doors and make a run for that building, got it?", he says pointing at the clothing store just two blocks away. "Why are we running?", Jisoo asked.

"We ran out of gas, so we have to make a run for it. But don't worry, we won't let anything happen to you", he winked looking at Jisoo. "I have a boyfriend", she exclaimed. He started laughing..."Cute", he whispered, but we all heard him clearly. "Don't mind him", one guy said sitting next to me. "Okay, but can I know your guys names?", I asked.

"I'm Sehun, and that one is Suho. The other is Chanyeol and Kai", he greeted with a smile which made me comfortable with him. "Oh well thank you for saving us. My name is Lisa and this is Jisoo"..."Pretty name for a pretty girl". Suho chuckled referring to Jisoo as Jisoo unnie rolled her eyes. "Okay now that we all know each other, let's go", Kai said.

"Remember! On the count of three, we all run for that building and do not stop!", Chanyeol reminded. Jisoo and I looked at each other nervously as we held each other's hands tightly. "Don't worry unnie, I won't let anything happen to you".


We all quickly opened our doors as we all ran as fast as we could towards the building. There were zombies everywhere. Kai and Chanyeol started shooting at them in front of us, while the other two were shooting from behind.

I held tightly to Jisoo's hand, as we ran as fast as we could, but then she trips. "Unnie!". I ran back for her, and there was a zombie who was about to jump on her. "Unnie!.... Duck!", I yelled as she quickly ducked, while I did a high jump and kicked the zombie back.

"Let's go. Hurry!", I shouted helping her up. "I think I twisted my leg". "Quickly go on my back". "Hurry- There's more coming!", Kai exclaimed. She quickly got on as I started running, while the others kept shooting.

No matter how much they shot at those creatures, they just wouldn't die. They were amazingly, but sadly strong. "Hurry!", Chanyeol said opening the door wide open, waving his arm for us to hurry...

We entered the building, and Sehun quickly shut the door, and locked it with a stick. The zombies kept banging the door as they were about to break in so, me and the guys quickly rushed over and helped Suho close the door shut.

 The zombies kept banging the door as they were about to break in so, me and the guys quickly rushed over and helped Suho close the door shut

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