[26] Truth or Dare

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Jungkook (Pov)

After admiring the weapons, RM, Suga, and I walked back to the campfire, seeing all of our Bts buddies and Blackpink, along with a few others, like Red Velvet, Twice, and Exo. I looked around for Lisa, but she was nowhere to be found.


(Everyone around the campfire: Taennie, Jinsoo, Jirose (but there not sitting next to each other) RM, Suga, Jhope, Kai, Chanyeol, Rose, Suho, Sehun, Tzuyu, and Nayeon)


"Where's Lisa??", I asked. "Uhh some little girl asked her to come tuck her in bed", Jisoo replied. "Little girl? What little girl?"..."Bambam's little sister, Milo! Duh!", Irene exclaimed. "Come sit down, she'll be back".

I looked around for a spot, but the only available spot was right next to Tzuyu. Ah great! I looked around for another spot, but there were none. "Here's a spot!", Tzuyu called out waving her arm, with a bright smile. I walked over and sat down, but scooted over a little, leaving a big gap between us.

"Hey Jungkook", Tzuyu said. I just smiled and looked away. "Should we play a game?", Jennie suggested. "YEAH!"..."Truth or dare?", Tzuyu exclaimed. I looked at her confused. Is she going to do something?!

"Okay, I'm gonna spin this bottle and whoever it lands on has to do, Truth or dare! So it's my turn!", Jennie giggled evilly. She then spins the bottle. Please don't land on me! Please don't land on me! "SUGA!!!", everyone laughed.

I sighed in relief. "Ugh! I don't want to play!", Suga exclaimed, irritatedly with his legs crossed, carelessly caring about what's going around. "Oh come on, pussy!", Jennie teased. "Fine! Hit me with your best shot!", he bravely exclaimed. "Ok! I dare you..."...she started to wander her eyes around...

"Yoongi! I dare you to........twerk in front of all of us!", Jennie exclaimed, making everyone laugh, especially the hyungs. "No way!"..."Do it! Do it! Do it!", everyone chanted.

Jhope started pushing Suga up, teasing him. "I'm gonna get you!", he warned angrily, but we were all laughing and excited. "Let's see what moves you got!", Jennie teased..."I'm not gonna do it unless-"...he then chuckled and smiled looking at me.

Lisa (Pov)

I walked Milo into the tent, as she laid down, getting ready to sleep.

"Lisa?", Milo called with a tired voice. "Yes?"..."Do you think we're all gonna die?".... I thought for a second, thinking about what I should say that sounds right, so I don't scare her. "Well everyone eventually dies, but with the zombie thing, I think we'll be able to fight them off", I said with confidence.

"Do you think there are other human beings out there, besides us?". "Well, of course, there is, we just don't know where they're hiding", I replied. She then sighed and turned to the side. "What's wrong? It looks like your bothered by something", I asked.

"I wish my mom was here!", she said on the verge of crying. I then grabbed her up and comfortably hugged her. "I'm sorry you had to go through something so tragic at a young age!". "I miss her so much!"...

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