[19] Plan

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Jungkook (Pov)

I sat at the edge of the rock, with my legs sticking into the water feeling the coldness of the lake and the warm, cold breeze just blowing through my hair. Then something crossed my mind...


"I honestly hate waiting, but if waiting means being able to be with you, then I'll wait for as long as I have to just to be with you!"


"Maybe if we met first, everything would be perfect!"


"Can you at least say you love me! Please if you say that then I'll feel better",

Flashback Ends

"What's so cool or special about me that got her so hooked on me?!", I asked myself. I kind of feel bad for hurting her feelings like that!

"Jungkook?", someone called, cutting me off of my thoughts. I looked back seeing....... "Sehun?!". "Hey, mind if I join?", he asked. "Well your already here anyways!". He came over and sat down next to me. This is so awkward. We don't ever talk to each other, so I'm not sure what to do......We both sat there quiet.

After a moment of silence, he breaks it. "So?... Your girlfriend is Lisa? Right?", he asked quickly getting my attention. He knows her? "Yes, why!?".

"Oh, nothing! She's probably only mentioned you once or twice when I was with her". What?! With her?? "How do you know her?", I asked keeping my cool. "I saved her and she saved me", he replied with a smile. "Save?".

"Yup, she's a really smart and pretty girl, not gonna lie!", he chuckled. Did he just call her pretty?!! "And her body...woah"...That's it- He's crossed the line! "Why the hell are you looking at her body for!?", I exclaimed

"It's hard to resist", he chuckled. "Do you see this?", I asked showing him my fist. "Yeah, what about it?"... "It's about to go right to your fucking face if you keep talking about my girl like that", I warned. "HAHAHA sorry, I'm just saying you're lucky to have her", he smiled. "I know I'm lucky".

"If Lisa was mine-"..."Woah she'll never be yours...now back off", I exclaimed in annoyance. "Well, you never know", he chuckled. "Did you come here to make peace or just piss me off?".

He then went quiet... I can't believe Lisa lets guys stare at her...When I see her again, she's going to be wearing thick layered clothes and a hat! A BIG HAT!! To cover that beautiful face so no other guy can look at her. I started to pout. Why does she have to be so damn beautiful!?

"So Jungkook?", Sehun called again. Ugh. "Why did you have to be rude to Tzuyu?", he asked quickly getting my attention, and making me confused. "What do you mean...Rude?".

"Don't be mad, but I overheard your conversation with her when I was out looking for sticks for the firepit", he explained. "More like you were eavesdropping". "It's not my fault you guys talk to loud".

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