[36] Lisa finds out

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Narrator (Pov)

Jungkook and Tzuyu arrived at the campsite and went there separate ways. Jungkook walked towards Rose and Jimin, while Tzuyu went to the tent where Chaeyoung and Jihyo were just chilling at.

Tzuyu (Pov)

I walked into the tent and laid down, sighing. "What's wrong with you?", Jihyo asked. "Nothing!", I exclaimed, trying to act tough, but deep down I was hurt. Very, very hurt! I just stared out in the open with a blank mind. I wanted to cry remembering the words Jungkook said to me, but I couldn't.

I looked down at my hands, also remembering when I was trying to choke him. The stupid things I would do for love. I chuckled just at the thought of it, but then it turned into cries. A tear fell down my cheeks; my body looked calm, but my thoughts were everywhere.

Jihyo and Chaeyoung then came and hugged me, not knowing the reason, but knew it had to do something with Jungkook. "Tell us what happened?", Jihyo said. "All I want is for him to love me", I cried. "We love you", Chaeyoung exclaimed.

"But Nayeon doesn't!", I scoffed. "She does, she cares-"..."No, she doesn't! If she did, then why did she hit me!", I exclaimed...


{Narrator - Pov}

[2 days before, after Jennie fainted]

After watching Jennie faint, Tzuyu walked off and towards the tent, not knowing what to do. "YAH!!", someone shouted from behind her. She looked and it was Nayeon, along with all the Twice members.

Tzuyu just stood there knowing she was gonna get a lecture, a big one. "Wha-"...Nayeon slapped her right across the face making her surprised. There was so much anger in Nayeon's eyes. Tzuyu looked up pissed and with a red handprint on her face, stinging... "I never thought you would be this evil!", Nayeon shouted. "I thought she was playing around!".

"Excuses!!", she shouted. "I'm telling you the truth! I didn't know she was drowning!", Tzuyu exclaimed. "Was she crying for help??"..."Yes"..."Was she struggling to swim??"..."Y-Yes"..."Then why the fuck didn't you save her?!!", Nayeon shouted. Tzuyu just stood there pissed and irritated.

"You have been causing problems ever since the fire pit game!... What the hell happened to the innocent Tzuyu?! You have never acted like this way!"...Chaeyoung, Jihyo, and Tzuyu all looked at her confused. "Yeah, I know about the fucking fire! I know the reason why you guys did it!.... That was so childish of you guys!", she scolded.

Chaeyoung and Jihyo looked down in shame, while Tzuyu didn't give a damn. "Then why didn't you say anything?", Tzuyu asked.

"When you came next to me, I knew you were acting and I was gonna scold you after, but then Rose was okay, so I didn't bother, but this! This thing with Jennie has gone too far! You almost killed her!!", Nayeon yelled. "But I didn't!", Tzuyu yelled. Nayeon again slapped her...

Sana and the other's tried to calm down Nayeon, but they were too afraid they would get hit as well since Nayeon was the oldest...."You need to learn how to respect me! I'm the oldest-"..."But your also the stupidest!", Tzuyu shouted.

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