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The Walking Dead | BP X BTS FF by hiyaabxtch
The Walking Dead | BP X BTS FFby :)
Who knew life would change in just seconds. They were just normal people living their normal lives yesterday, but now they're fighting and killing zombies to survive, da...
Wel-CUM to Horny Town UwU~ (Piggy Various x Seme! Male Reader Hentai Story) by LegionCypher85
Wel-CUM to Horny Town UwU~ ( Cypher Supreme
In this alternate reality instead of just having a virus that makes people insane and kill each other what if the virus itself makes people really horny and have a reall...
Aliens in the Attic by DipmyCATinranch
Aliens in the Atticby ranch
Aliens in the Attic Emma is best friends with Jake and his family. She had never been that close with Tom though. She has no idea of what he looks like now. But when she...
Yandere Cookie Run Kingdom x Gamer! Male Reader (18+ Story) by LegionCypher85
Yandere Cookie Run Kingdom x Cypher Supreme
Y/n L/n is a young amateur yet lazy gamer who always plays his all time favorite mobile game Cookie Run Kingdom... what if one day this poor soul will somehow got himsel...
my babysitters a vampire x reader by ashlsourpurestform
my babysitters a vampire x readerby ashlsourpurestform
i don't have a good description but the storyline is the same as the show and everyone still has their same powers it'a just gonna be aged up, and you're added into it o...
😍 by marylariari
😍by marylariari
i hope you dont get the cherry on top
The Wolf in Sheeps Clothing~ by LegionCypher85
The Wolf in Sheeps Clothing~by Cypher Supreme
( Piggy Yandere Fanfiction ) ( Yandere! Willow x LegionCypher85 ) Cypher is just an ordinary mutant/hybrid male. But suddenly his life was change when he meets this cert...
A lonely, but a friendly spirit (GEAH ghost! Sam au) by Amityblight222
A lonely, but a friendly spirit ( Astro
Guy am I, a depressed college student who had moved into a one student apartment, little did he know that the place would be haunted by a lonely, but a very friendly spi...
Murder Drones: PG-13 WALL-E by MetaSquire1
Murder Drones: PG-13 WALL-Eby MetaSquire1
The time to go to Earth has come, hopefully nothing bad happens to the main duo at the beginning which causes them to separate and end up having an adventure that makes...
The Second Time - TGWDLM by BlackOrionWriting19
The Second Time - TGWDLMby BlackOrionWriting19
Before reaching Hatchetfield, the infected started somewhere else...leaving one survivor. One very unlucky survivor. Follow Kathryn on her journey after the first attemp...
Poppy Playtime x Male Reader Oneshots by DemonCypher78
Poppy Playtime x Male Reader Simpher >:)
Ayo! here we go another fandom to make some Oneshots with also Warning for lemons yo
Alexander  by _Vale7_
Alexander by Valeryvs7
Two years have passed after her mother's death. Alice was left under the care of her elderly grandmother who could barely walk anymore. On her way to the grocery store s...
Wait Until After Halloween by RoseBlack2828
Wait Until After Halloweenby RoseBlack2828
A Christmas lover incurs the wrath of a monster who loves Halloween! What will happen to them? Read to find out.
The Adventures of Death in the Carnival by tinna-chan
The Adventures of Death in the tinna-chan
This is a one-shot comedy/horror story about how a group of students; Kate, Jackson, Andrew and Bailey, going on a carnival trip and meets the most ridiculous deaths of...
Onto The VOID by LegionCypher85
Onto The VOIDby Cypher Supreme
As much Cypher remember he was just a young kid who went to be a test subject on a young age.... he cant remember or process what was going on... when he grew up he wen...
Mga Kwentong Kakila-kilabot Sa Ilalim Ng Liwanag Ng Kandila by Milly8338
Mga Kwentong Kakila-kilabot Sa Milly
Nastranded si Raine Deguzman sa kanilang school kasama ang kaniyang apat na kaklase at guro, dahil sa biglaang paglakas ng bagyo. Bilang pampalipas ng oras, naisipan nil...
Jack Lyca and the Platinum Blond Spider by johnniebrooks
Jack Lyca and the Platinum Blond Johnnie Brooks
Jack Lyca is the go to guy for non-humans in trouble. I Jack Lyca and the Platinum Blond Spider, Jack's on the hunt for a runaway spider, a missing vampire princess and...
The Motel by RoseBlack2828
The Motelby RoseBlack2828
What's worse than sleeping in a shitty motel? Being murdered in one. That's the exact predicament the narrator of this tale has found themselves in. Will they survive? R...
The Furutas by Bokukkokhmer
The Furutasby (Rice) balls
Chloe and Yuto Furuta. Just your garden variety young married couple. Chloe works forensics for the police while Yuto sits in front of a camera and gets paid to eat. The...
My Last Arby's Night Shift by RoseBlack2828
My Last Arby's Night Shiftby RoseBlack2828
Alvin and Ray are working the night shift at Arby's when a last-minute customer puts them in a horrifying situation! How will they get out of it? Read to find out.