[55] Feast (Pt.2)

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Narrator (POV)

"Are you okay??", Chaeyoung asked. "Leave me alone", Tzuyu says in soft voice, walking off to the room, crying. Chaeyoung then looked down and saw the heart that Tzuyu made all messed up and ruined. Poor Tzuyu.

This is the first time for Chaeyoung seeing Tzuyu in a sad, quiet mood.

Tzuyu walked into the room, seeing Jihyo just sitting there fixing her hair. "Hey-"..."Where the hell have you been?!!", Tzuyu shouted, cutting her off. "I was-"..."Are you hoeing around??", Tzuyu scoffed, rudely. "Hoeing? Is that even a word?", Jihyo asked, laughing.

"That's not the point! Where have you been?!", Tzuyu exclaimed. "I was with-", Jihyo then chuckled. "Yah! What are you giggling about?". "I was with K-Kang Daniel", she blushed.

"Kang Daniel!!-"...Tzuyu was shocked and peeked outside the window seeing Daniel being surrounded by many girls....Playboy! Tzuyu thought...."No! Don't talk to him, he's gonna play you!!", Tzuyu exclaimed. "That's not your choice!". "Do. Not. Talk. To. Him!".

"Yah! Your not my mom-"..."Because I'm your friend! Your best friend!!", Tzuyu yelled. Chaeyoung heard yelling from inside the room and quickly rushed in..."What's going on?", she asked as the two just glared at each other.

"If you were my 'best friend' you would support me instead of judging me on everything I do!", Jihyo exclaimed. "Judging? I'm only helping you! He's gonna hurt your feelings! Just looking at him, you can tell he has slept with every damn girl in this village", Tzuyu scoffed.

"Don't talk about him like that!", Jihyo shouted. "He's a playboy! He's gonna play you like all your other so called boyfriends!!", Tzuyu exclaimed. Both Jihyo and Chaeyoung gasped being surprised at what she just said.

"Okay that's enough guys!", Chaeyoung shouted, knowing there gonna go too far than they already are. "How dare you say that!?", Jihyo said, tearing up. "What! It's true! Every guy you've been with just played with your heart and left you like you were nothing!", Tzuyu scoffed.

"They had a reason!"..."A reason to cheat? A reason to leave?...What kind of reason would that be!! I'm trying to help you not be hurt anymore-"...Jihyo then slapped her right across the face, making Chaeyoung gasp.

"Don't ever come to me with love bullshit when you can't even get one man! Including Jungkook...now I understand why he would choose Lisa over you", Jihyo shouted and ran off crying. Tzuyu just stood there clenching her fist, being pissed off at what Jihyo said.

Tzuyu then remembered what Jungkook has said to her....


"I-I don't like you nor do I love you! My heart belongs to Lisa, I'm sorry Tzuyu, but-"...

Flashback Ends

Tzuyu sat down on the bed and cried from being stressed out.


Taehyung and Jennie held hands as they walked towards the room, smiling at each other.....All the girls who had a crush on Tae were rolling there eyes, scoffing in annoyance. "He rejected me because of that peice of trash!", one girl scoffed, making all the other ones laugh.

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