[17] Bye Mommy

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Lisa (Pov)

"Got everything?", Bambam asked. I nodded my head as I looked around examining for anything else that we needed. "Nope we're good to go"..."Okay let's go-"... we both then stood there quiet, hearing gunshots, probably 4-8 bullets were shot. "What was that?". "Not sure, let's go".

We both quickly rushed out of the grocery stores carrying a few bags and our loaded guns. "Hurry Lisa". We then heard the gun shot's again. "Bambam!"...He looked back at me and knew what I wanted to do. "No, no, no Lisa! We don't know if they're good or bad people- They could be killers", he exclaimed.

"What about us? Are we not killers as well? We kill just like them now Bambam- They need our help". "No! One thing I learned during this shitty apocalypse was not to trust anyone- Everyone is on there own now and so are we, now let's go, it's about to be nightfall", he exclaimed as I just scoffed. Aish.

"Let's go Lisa", he quietly exclaimed as I followed feeling guilty for not being able to help those poor people.

We kept on running, almost reaching the hotel. "Wait- there are a few walkers down there", Bambam whispered as we slowed down. "Back away!", I heard someone yelled grabbing my attention. I looked to my left at an alleyway, seeing walkers and.................S-Suga? Is it really him?!

I quickly ran down his direction and started firing, without hesitation. "Lisa?.....Get back here", Bambam quietly yelled. The walkers all turned their backs in my direction, as I shot them down one by one, along with the help of Bambam.

There was one last one standing as he came running towards us, but I needed to reload, but then it attacks me as I was too quick enough to dodge it as I quickly back handed it and once my gun was reloaded I began shooting at it multiple times.

I then backed off heavily breathing now that all the walkers were dead. "Don't run off like that", Bambam scolded. "Yeah, yeah"... I looked at the person whose face was covered in his legs. Suga? He slowly looked up.... "Uhh thank you". "Stand up!", I said in a manly voice, trying to scare Suga for fun. Bambam quickly looked at me, confused.

Narrator (Pov)

What the hell is this girl doing? Bambam thought. Suga slowly got up not knowing what these two strangers were up to. Irene and Seulgi also got up following Suga. "What now?", Suga asked. Lisa couldn't hold it anymore, and dropped the gun, and ran up to Suga hugging him so tight.

Suga was so confused, along with everyone else he quickly pushed her off. "I missed you so much ugly", Lisa said, crying but it were happy cries. Suga didn't know what to do, so he stood there like a statue, feeling awkward. "Lisa what the are you doing?", Bambam asked.

Lisa then see's everyone's face confused. "Oh I forgot about the mask", she chuckled as she slowly took off the mask revealing who she is...

"Do you know them?", Irene whispered in Suga's ear. "No". "Well this person looks like they do". Suga watched as the person in front of him took off there mask, and revealing it was............"L-Lisa?!", Suga said being surprised and shocked.

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