[31] Guilty

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Tzuyu (Pov)

I stormed off to the tent irritated, all cold and wet. I walked in seeing Chaeyoung and Jihyo, and I immediately ignored there presents. "What happened to you?", Jihyo asked. "Why do you care?! I thought you guys didn't care for me anymore!". I rolled my eyes and looked through my bag of clothes.

"We may be mad at you, but were still your friends Tzuyu!", she exclaimed....Calm down Tzuyu! "I almost died today, happy?"...they both gasped from surprise. "Huh? How??!".

"That fucking Jennie bitch tried to fucking drown me!", I exclaimed. "What? Jennie?"...There gonna blame me because I pushed her in! "She pushed me in, and then jumped on me, dragging me down with her!", I exclaimed and faked cried.

"Awww, I'm sorry we weren't there to help you!", Jihyo comforted along with Chaeyoung . "Why the hell would Jennie do that! What the fuck! Who does she think she is!?", Chaeyoung complained...

I just continued crying...It feels nice to have them, have my back again! "I was just sitting at the dock and she comes to attack me out of nowhere!", I whined. "I never thought I would see Jennie like that! She seemed mean, but never like that", said Jihyo.

"So how did you get out of the situation?", Chaeyoung asked. "Uhh, I scratched her face", I chuckled making them chuckle as well. "HAHA So where is she now??"..."I don't know, probably still swimming!".

"JIHYO!!", someone shouted from outside the tent. They came rushing in and it was Dahyun. "What is it?", I asked. "We finally have real food!", she squealed. We just sat here still confused. "Bts went to find any walkers, but instead found a deer!".

"Really?!"..."Yeah! So hurry up! Nayeon and Jisoo are cooking it right now!", she exclaimed. "Okay, were coming to see if they need any help". Jihyo and Chaeyoung followed Dahyun, while I stayed behind still looking for an outfit to wear.

I started sneezing..."Ugh! I might have a cold!", I whined.


"P-P-PLEASE!! H-HELP M-ME!!!", Jennie cried out loud. "Yah! Help yourself!", I yelled, still being pissed off. "I C-C-CAN'T SWIM!!!"...She kept crying and begging...

Flashback Ends

Was she just playing around??...."Ha! Ofcourse she was!"........Right?

Taehyung (Pov)

After happily putting down the deer, I quickly rushed to look for Jennie to tell her the good news. "Jennie!", I called out. I can't wait to tell her, she'll be so happy! I walked over to the Red Velvet's tent to see if she was in there, but no one.

"Hmm...Where is she?...Jennie!". I started walking towards Lisa and Jisoo. "Hey have you guys seen Jennie, I can't find her?", I asked. "She was just here, but don't worry she'll be back", replied Jisoo. I looked around to see if she was anywhere, but no one. That's weird!

"Can you help me with this?", Lisa asked. "Sure"...I bent down and picked up the deer, putting it over the fire. "I can't wait to eat!", Rose said, squealing.

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