[34] Shoelaces

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Kun (Pov)

All three of us walked up to a wooden door, being confused about if we should knock or wait. It looked fancy but abandoned. Then I looked on the left side, seeing a sign. "Korean Folk Village, keep out!", I read.

"So this is where old people are at", Chen said being fascinated, by the designs

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"So this is where old people are at", Chen said being fascinated, by the designs. I looked around trying to see what was so fascinating, but there was nothing, but a boring brick wall and dirty old wood. "Are we even in the right place??!", Baekhyun asked. "I think so!". "You THINK!? How the fuck do you not know where you're going??", Chen shouted.

"Then why won't you fucking lead! I wanna see you try to do any better!", I exclaimed, irritatingly rolling my eyes. "Aish! I'm fucking hungry!", Baekhyun whined. "You wouldn't be hungry if you just stayed your ass back at the camp!", I complained.

Aish! These two are fucking annoying! Chen then started banging on the door. "What the hell are you doing?! Stop it! That's disrespectful!"..."I lost my respect for people when this pandemic shit started, so I give zero shit about people and just worry about myself!", he exclaimed.

"Idiot!", I mumbled. Both him and Baekhyun started banging, while I pulled my walkie talkie out, trying to contact the people I talked with, but only received static. I swear this is where they told me to come to! "Ughhh! Fucking shit! WORK!", I shouted, being irritated.

Then the doors opened, shocking me. Baekhyun and Chen were also shocked and came rushing behind me, hiding like little kids. I slowly reached out for my gun, while the doors were opening revealing............ Three guys and a little kid.

I put my gun back, seeing that they were harmless people. "Who are you?!", one of the men asked, while the other one greeted with a creepy smile, showing his nasty yellow teeth. Ew! "Should we trust them?", I whispered to the ones behind.

Chen then came out from behind and laughed out loud, making me confused on what he was going to do. "Hello! My name is Chen and these are my two brothers! We come in peace", he greeted nicely. Brother?! Ew, Never! "Before entering, are any of you guys infected??", one asked, pointing their sharp spears at us.

"No! Were clean! We promise!", I exclaimed, putting my arms up, while the other two followed. "What's in that bag??", one asked. All three of us just stayed quiet. Two of the men came out checking us, touching all over our bodies, even our private spots, which was making me feel very, very uncomfortable.

They checked the bag and I could see the satisfaction in his face. "Guess this will be ours", one chuckled. "NO-"...I quickly nudged Chen to shut up. "Do you want us to fucking die!? Leave it! We'll steal it back!", I whispered. He just irritatingly stood there.

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