[28] Tent

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Jisoo (Pov)

I went to go find Lisa and found her at the edge of the cliff, just sitting there, crying. Poor Lili! I walked over and sat down beside her, as she continued to cry. I put my arm around her and just patted her back. "I never thought Jungkook would do this to me", she said. Stupid Jungkook!

"I'm sorry, and if I knew beforehand, I would've smacked him myself", I chuckled, trying to enlighten the mood, but she didn't really pay too much attention, and just stared out in the open, emotionless......"Umm...Why don't you go talk with him? He must've have had a good reason behind it".

"Good reason!? There shouldn't be any reason to kiss another girl! Like, who the hell does that?!!", she exclaimed. True! "Still, you guys need to talk it out! You guys can't just ignore each other!"..."I'm not talking to him until he comes to me and apologizes! Until then, I'm going to ignore his stupid ass!!". Ah great! Let's see how this will turn out!

{Next morning}

I walked out of the tent, to wash up, and saw Jungkook. After washing up, I walked over to him. "Hey, Jisoo!"..."What are you doing?", I asked. "I'm waiting for Lisa! I'm here to apologize!", he replied. "She's still upset, so it's not a good time"..."I know, but I don't want her to be mad at me!", he exclaimed. Fine, suit yourself!

"Oh she's right there!", he said. I looked back and Lisa was walking towards our direction. Is she over it? "Hey, Li-"...She walked right past us, ignoring Jungkook. "Hi, Unnie!", she said totally pretending Jungkook wasn't here. "Like I said! She's still upset". "Can you help me?", he begged.

"I would, but Lisa's is mad, MAD! So, that's your problem...besides why did you kiss Tzuyu?". "I didn't mean to! I really didn't!", he said with a frown. "Didn't mean to?"..."I guess I missed Lisa so much, I saw Tzuyu as Lisa and I just...Ugh!".

"BABO! You still kissed another girl, who wasn't Lisa! Your Lisa's first boyfriend ever and you have never broken her heart, until now, so she doesn't know how to feel", I comforted. "How long do you think she's gonna ignore me?", he asked. "It depends, but you kissed another girl, so it's gonna take a while", I replied.

"JiJi?!", someone called from behind. I looked back confused and it was.....Jin?! "What the hell did you call me?"..."JiJi! I just made it up! Isn't it cute?", he laughed. "Yah! What kind of nickname is that?!". "It's cute just like you!", he giggled, making me blush.

"Aish! Sometimes I just wanna hit you, but your just too darn cute!", I said, as we both walked off hugging each other.

??? (Pov)

"How bad do you want this to be?", I asked. "Very bad! She deserves it for beating me! So now I'm gonna show her, who not to mess with", she exclaimed, chuckling. "Okay, I got an idea, but it's a wicked one", I giggled. "Just do anything, I don't care!".


I walked behind the tent of Blackpink's, seeing Rose covered in the blanket. Haha she'll being waking up to a surprise! I quickly grabbed my lighter and lit the passageway. I stepped back and laughed. Let's see how tough you'll act now! Victim one...Check!

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